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January 03 2006

Deluxe Angel and Spike action figures set for Destiny as their core assortment, like the Deluxe Buffy and Faith figures were based on their fight in Graduation Day part 1. Limited edition "battle damaged" versions of the characters will also be available, with more exclusives to follow.

[ edited by Craig Oxbrow on 2006-01-12 03:58 ]

(edit: link updated)

Mountain Dew presumably not included.
Actually, the "regular" Season 5 Spike came with the chalice, so you never know...
Why were my eyes immediately drawn to the "these amazingly articulated vampires" part of the blurb. *wonders and wonders* lol ;0)

each case will contain one battle damaged short pack figure of both Spike and Angel in each case

Ah, the beauty of non-editing....

And interchangeable arms? As in, you can give Spike Angel's arms, and vice versa? Something downright unsettling about that...
Presumably as in "two pairs of arms for each figure", as Buffy and Faith had (jacketed and bare).

But yes, that version is unsettling. And reminiscent of a Red Dwarf episode...
Ah, thanks Craig. That's much better. Though, through no fault of yours, now I'm seeing Spike with Buffy's arms...and that's even more unsettling!
Aaaaaauuugh! Think of something else! Think of something else!

/runs away screaming

(Ahem. You're welcome. :D )
And did you see that picture of Abe Lincoln with fangs?

Who knew?
Not just Abe with fangs, Willowy, but fangs coming out of his cheeks....
I hope these 'super-articulated' action figures aren't the growing trend. I think they're ugly as sin. Not sure how well this version does in market sales. However, the last time I ordered some 'regular' action figures, they included a deluxe Buffy and Faith for free. Not quite sure what to do with them, certainly not going in my display case. I would cringe everytime I passed by.

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