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January 03 2006

Charisma visits a Wizard by way of Vegas. Las Vegas Autographs is bringing Charisma Carpenter (March 18) and Clare Kramer (March 19) to sign autographs and meet fans at Wizard World Los Angeles.

The date on their site is a typo. June is Philly for the Wizard World, March is LA.

Aside from that, Kevin Smith will be there. Looks like a cool show that I am now thinking of attending!

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Darn, I went to the last two L.A. (actually Long Beach) WizardWorlds but was going to skip this one. Looks like I'm going after all.

One tip, if you get the three-day membership, during the days of the convention you can use your badge to get half-price or free admission to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific or the Queen Mary. So you can go to the con for two days and hit the local sights on the third. And in the con's dealers' room/exhibit hall, be sure to stop by the booths for Diamond Select Toys, Palisades Toys, IDW Comics and Dark Horse Comics to see what's new in BtVS, Angel & Firefly/Serenity merchandise. At least they were there the last two years.
Did she ask for some guts?

Oooh, sorry couldn't resist a lame Veronica Mars reference there.
Oops, ignore the bit about it being in Long Beach and getting discounts for Long Beach attractions. Seems they moved it this year from the Long Beach Convention Center to the L.A. Convention Center downtown. Hopefully that means it'll be bigger and better this year. But I'll miss it being next to dozens of great waterfront restaurants, with a view of the Angel Season 5 Wolfram & Hart building.

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