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January 04 2006

(SPOILER) Marsters and Hallett feature in Veronica Mars guest star poll. The poll as voted for by readers of TV Guide's Mike Auseillo's column has been forwarded onto Rob Thomas (numerous spoilers for US shows on this page as well).

Did you notice something funny and very telling? Lorenzo Lamas may have won the VM poll, but it's James Marsters photo on the front page with a caption "James Marsters in
Veronica Mars?"
I think TV Guide were too embarrassed to show Lorenzo Lamas on the front page. Who knew his fanbase was so active?

But a good showing for James all the same.
What's odd is the premise of the poll - who should play Harry Hamlin's Aaron Echolls character in the TV movie based on his life? And people really thought James Marsters was right for it?

Okay, Lorenzo Lamas is still a huge surprise... but at least he and most of the other suggestions make some sense!
I could see the reason that Lorenzo Lamas could be a good pick -- the idea is the TV movie about the Echolls family (this is the one that Alyson's character Trina sold to the networks) is supposed to be really *bad*! ;-)

But, yeah, I couldn't see James Marsters in that role.
Wheres the picture guys???? I don't see I missing something????
I could totally see James in that role. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the poll when it was happening, but if I had, he would have been my first choice. Had the poll been about who to cast as Veronica, though, James would not have been on my list.
Poor James! Harry is a good 10 years older. But I suppose it could be argued that they would naturally cast someone younger for this bad MOW.
I'm glad Andy got 5% of the poll and I hope this at least puts another verse actor out there or at least in Rob's nmind for future use. Cause James name is thrown in everywhere but he was not the sole (or soul) talent in the verse that has some fan backing.
I'm happy anytime a 'verse actor is mentioned for a part in a good show.
No he's not, but he is darned popular. :0)

I don't see what's so odd about JM being on the list, second place with 23% to LL's 25%. I mean I don't see why anyone feels the need to put him down over this. It's just a bit of fun and doesn't mean that RT has to follow through on the poll.

Personally I'd prefer it if he didn't do it. After AH was cast RT said that one more Btvs alum would be enough, ie CC. But then there was the JW cameo. It's starting to be a bit cheesey with so many of them over there. The show is excellent on it's own. Although the saving grace would be that whoever gets it would be playing himself and not a character.
I mean I don't see why anyone feels the need to put him down over this.

*scratches head* I don't see anyone putting him down.
Yeah, like Lioness said, the reason I couldn't see James Marsters in the role is because he is a lot younger than Harry Hamlin, *not* meant as a put-down of James at all! But maybe Lioness was right that casting an actor who's wrong for the role because he's way too young would make the fake "MOW" all the worse! lol

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Perhaps they should get some one from LA Law to play Aaron Echolls, kind of an in-joke type thing.
Oh, yeah! Like Corbin Bernson or Jimmy Smits -- that would rock! Great suggestion, Simon! :-)
I still would think Andy would be a good choice, cause this is Hollywood and in typical fashion if your doing a tv movie of someone's life (especially someone famous like Harry's character is suppose to be) it's easier to skew younger in the actors, cause you can make a more believible younger actor look old than making an older actor look young (that only works for so long). By looking at the list Andy is the youngest of those mentioned. Plus add in the fact that on the show Charisma's character is married to Harry, it's just funny on so many levels. I think Andy would be the best choice.

[ edited by RavenU on 2006-01-04 16:45 ]
Charisma's character is actually married to Dick Casablancas senior :-) But I agree with you otherwise, RavenU. I would've voted for Andy & not James. He seems more right for the role. I'd love James in almost anything (preferably wearing as little clothing as possible) but not this role.

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Edited again 'cause I obviously need more coffee.

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Thanks for the clarification by lyrabelacqua. I don't watch the show enough, I just though Charisma was sleeping with Logan and she was married to Logans father.
I would have voted, but I didn't know what I was voting for since I don't watch VM.
I never miss an episode of VM :-) Love love love that show. The storylines remind me of a soap opera, only well written & actually watchable. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with who is sleeping with who. (Should that be who's sleeping with who or whose sleeping with who?)
I didn't know who Lorenzo Lamos was so I just looked him up. 18 Fingers of Death? Killing Cupid, in which he played a "warrior or assasin"? No wonder I've never heard of him. He does look a little like Harry Hamlin, though...
Who's sleeping with whom?
Lamas was an 80's primtime soap star, I think it was "Falcon Crest", than he went on to a snydicated show called "Renegade". He has done a lot of never seen stints since then. Heis at best a B-actor for TV or movies. His last gig that I remember him for is the failed reality series "Are You Hot?", so yeah they could use him if they do the has-been making a comeback route.

I still think Andy would be better. :)
I think most of the votes were cast more as a popularity vote than as an actual vote for James to play that particular character. VM is one of the better things on TV right now. And being a big James fan, I understand wanting to see him in something good as often as possible.
I would rather see Andy randomly show up singing at the karaoke club. That would make my heart so happy.
I don't see James fitting the part, I think that anindoorkitty was right and this (as is so often the case) became a popularity contest rather than people trying to find someone appropriate to the role. Peter Gallagher would've been phenomennal as RT said.
Well, I really don't think Marsters would be right for the role. And if RT did go for him? I think it'd be pushing the Buffy alums alittle too much. It'd be abit ridiculous. Rolling eyes would follow. But Andy? One great idea. I'm ashamed I didn't think of it myself. He's a lower profile actor and has the look to pull off Aaron Echolls. Plus, I'd love to see the 'bad acting' acting job he would do. I mean that in a good way. :)
James is as much an Angel alum as a Buffy alum so it seems to me the eye rolling would be the same whether JM or AH were cast.
As a matter of fact, CC is more an Angel alum than a Buffy alum.
But I agree that Andy would be great:)
See now, this is what I meant. JM wouldn't be any good with "fill_in_excuse" but AH would be fine. I know you can't tell but I'm pulling Cordy's patented WTH??? face right now.
*shakes head*

If JM was too young to play him, AH is *definitely* to young. Love him to pieces as I do, AH is a sweetheart. :0)
So I'm the only one who sees a possible tongue in cheek nod to BTVS fans if JM were cast as Logan's father?(One only needs to read various hate logan/love Logan threads to understand):)
exoticmushroom - your not getting it that's the point of getting Andy for the role cause he is obscenely younger - thus the real fun of it. Then you give Hamilin a line like, "Don't you think they could have gone younger.", playing on the narascism and vanity everybody thinks the actors in Hollywood have. It would work more with Andy than anyone else on that list the whole idea seems a parody of a parody.
Aren't I? Thanks for pointing that out to me. I'm so very grateful.

Erm, what? JM being eleven years younger not enough then.
RavenU and exoticmushroom, I am completely confused.
sarcasm much there - mushroom.
Er, is this a salute to another of Harry Hamlin's roles, his unforgettable performance in "Clash of the Titans"? *tiptoes out of the way fast*
Listen, this is a fun thread. Let's keep it that way. Less snippiness, more fun. That's what I say.

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