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January 04 2006

Whedon answers with Serenity. Joss talking about Serenity and the DVD in the Toronto Sun.

Nice to hear him speak frankly about Fox, and what we all know to be true about how they treated our little show.
I think I was basically a victim of what I like to call 'dumb people' -- people who are never going to trust anything except what they already know.

Heh. Joss really isn't going back to FOX, then ;)
In all honesty, I have to really praise this writer (you know, "give mad, mad props" ;-)) for getting it. It seems like a really clear rundown of what was going on at Fox Network, how Joss felt about them (you're right, gossi, no more FOX!), what happened at the box office and how Joss felt about that, and where we are now -- waiting to see what the story is of the DVD release of "Serenity." It seems like this writer truly let Joss tell the story -- the opposite of that EW guy! (Boo, EW guy!)

A great link, Kessie! :-)

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Except that this is the Toronto Sun. Tabloid. The newspaper who put as a cover story a cat falling 3 stories from a balcony and surviving-three weeks after it had happened and when there were rather more important things happening in the world.
So I'm not sure I believe these quotes are 100% accurate.
I really liked the interview. If the quotes are not Joss, someone is doing a good job of imitating him. Good outlets can have terrible stories and bad outlets can have good stories.

I agree with the idea that this is going to gain momentum with the DVD's. I thought it was going to hit bigger when it was released. Now I think it is going to be a movie that claws its way (nicely) into the general consciousness over time.
You cannot take as "fact" anything that you see in the Toronto Sun. (Known as The Stun in some circles). They misquote, quote out of context, twist peoples words, "colour" what was said to give it the slant they want, etc. As Lioness said. Tabloid.
I joined up last week and I was so used to lurking and not commenting I genuinely forgot I could. So yeah thanks for allowing me to join. Yay me!

But to the point. Regardless of the credibility of the author, I found it interesting that they compared the Serenity crew to that of the James gang, as it was the very same argument I used to get a get a civil war buff interested in the show in the first place. I found many similarities between Jesse James and Malcom Reynolds that evening.
Well, it at least sounds like something Joss would say...
*cowers sheepishly* oops, didn't know it's a tabloid; I'm a typical, uninformed American. :( Well, truthfully, I probably wouldn't know which New York, Chicago or Los Angeles papers are tabloids, either.

Do you think it might still be reliable? It certainly sounds like Joss! And I agree with war_machine that I was impressed by the comparison to the James Gang. This writer did at least take some time to think about what he was writing -- another point in his favor, even if he's writing for a questionable paper.
Tabloid or not it seems to ring true to what Joss has said in his sometimes cryptic posts here and on the Browncoats sites.

I hope the DVD sales will convince Universal to spin the wheel again (Even if it is a direct to DVD/Sci Fi Movie)
billz - no cowering required - I was so excited about my first post I forgot the Spoiler tag!

Just have to be careful about what you "believe" from The Sun.

e.g. But he does feel he was royally screwed by Fox television executives, who he says never believed in his show


Whedon, facing what he saw as rejection and abuse, dug in for the long haul.

Did JW actually say "Royally screwed" and "Abuse"? Or is this the reporters interpretation/rewording? JW may have used words that "meant" the same thing but had a different slant.

Guess what my opinion of this paper is? A friend's words were "slanted" in a story by this paper which caused her a lot of grief.
It does have that Whedon Wit. I think it's him. I'm sure they have put their reporter's spin on his words as most mags do (semi-evil thoughts towards EW).
I find it interesting that it's considered appropriate for the writer (and not even as part of a direct quote) to say "royally screwed." If we're going to be literal about it, this is just one step down the profanity train from "royally f--'d." (Last time I looked, they meant, well, pretty much exactly the same thing. Just one was a word you can say on TV and in front of most moms, while the second word causes the skys to open and the frogs to descend.)
I read that article, and while the humour and wit is there, it seems to be quite a harsh tone. Maybe it was Joss saying those words, but from the various quotes attributed to him, while he certainly did not like Fox's decision to axe, and he was open about it, I think he always phrased it as such that it was not so harsh. Maybe its just me.
Good point bobster. And that is one of the really hard things to explain to kids. Yes, I know you hear that all the time on the street and on TV and read it in print, but it is not considered proper language for a 9 year old. (sigh)

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