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January 04 2006

Firefly screened on board a flight. You can watch Firefly on Jetstar Asia flights! Has anyone else encountered Firefly by air?

I had to do a double-take on board a Jetstar Asia flight to and fro Hong Kong last weekend -- spotted Firefly on a list of TV shows you could watch on a portable digital viewer! Didn't expect such exposure, albeit on a budget airline, by a long shot. Has anyone else encountered this fantastic way to spread round the goodness?

Woot... we'll be converting new Browncoats by the.. err.. plane-load!
Er, hope they don't watch "Out of Gas" while they're flying on a jet! ;-)
billz- I was thinking the same thing.

Although... better Firefly than Lost. ;-)
Hehe :) Especially on flights from AUS to LA-LA Land, eh?

ETA - Firefly has been added to Comcast OnDemand for digital cable, I am reliably informed.
My how those passengers must chuckle when they hear the lines:

"Oh my god! What can it be? We're all doomed! Whose flying this thing?! Oh, right, that would be me".
Wow, individual digital screens on a discount air service! They didn't have these on the AirAsia flights I took, or on Vietnam Airways, either. Or THAI. I want my Firefly when I fly . . . Oh, right! I can bring the discs and play them on my iBook. Why didn't I think of that before I left? (slaps head . . .)

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Now we just have to make sure that flight attendants have Blue Sun logo on their uniforms.
As long as they stay away from the LOST pilot, I'm all for playing good tv on air planes.
More Firefly exposure that doesn't justify another post. Best Buy is showing Serenity ads, at least in my store they are. I didn't catch the audio as it was turned down but I catch a visual of scenes from the movie. It doesn't look like any TV ads I've seen for the DVD so I guess Best Buy TV mixed it themselves.
As a passenger watching for the first time Serenity on a flight I might be somewhat more afraid of hearing in my headset:

"This is your Captain speaking... we may encounter some turbulence and then... explode."

PS: long time lurker, first time poster. hello everybody and a shiny new year '06!
Dunno about airplanes, but I saw Serenity offered as a LodgeNet selection at a Marriott mid-December. So, it hasn't entirely skipped the pay-per-view circuit on its way to DVD.
ROFL to all the "lines you wouldn't want to hear on an airplane" posts! And welcome, Yorick, that's a really good one! :-D
Hehe, welcome to the madhouse, Yorick :)
Not Whedonverse related, but a humorous tidbit about popular entertainment being inappropriare for air travel.... User Friendly
Hmm. Kind of ironic considering that "Flightplan" was the only movie to beat Serenity opening weekend :P
Mm, when I was travelling from California to New York on Alaska Air, they showed 'The Message'. It was super excellent.

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