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January 04 2006

Seth Green talks "Four Kings" to TV Guide. Short article at with quotes from Seth and co-star Josh Cooke about their new show, "Four Kings," premiering on NBC Thursday 1/5.

And, hey, six degrees of Buffyverse: Josh Cooke used to star in "Committed," where his co-star was Jennifer Finnigan, who now stars in "Close to Home," which co-stars (wait for it) Christian Kane!

Well, I for one will be watching. Big love for the Oz "man."
I'm so excited about actually seeing Seth Green on TV again. I adore him and "Italian Job" never gets old.
Neither does his turn in that ridiculous Jennifer Love Hewitt vehicle, Can't Hardly Wait. I've watched that movie so many times primarily just for his performance! He's such an idiot, he's hilarious!


(I also like watching it for all the 'verse cameos: Tara, Veruca, others...and there's Lauren whatsername from 6ftU...also Preston walks into a wall.)

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