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January 04 2006

Do Not Disturb Seth Green. Is Seth Green the new hardest-working man in show business?

Consider his workload:

NBC buddy sitcom Four Kings premieres Thursday (8:30 p.m. ET/PT), with Green as one of four longtime pals who share a sprawling Manhattan apartment.

He provides the vocal chops for Chris Griffin and other characters on Fox's comedy Family Guy.

And Green's passion project, Robot Chicken, a parody using toys and stop-motion animation, returns to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim with 20 new episodes April 2. The first season is due on DVD March 28.

"'I've worked on a bunch of projects that connect with really loyal niche markets.' Translation: rabid fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer..."

Yep, I guess you could call me rabid :) Great article, thanks for posting.
Excellent read there... Green has to be one of my all time favorite actors because of this:

"If there's one through-line to every part I play, I look for (characters) that are not your typical person,"

He can take a character like that and make it real.

That and his Robot Chicken show is great!
My whole family howls like lunatics watching "Robot Chicken." This last week they reran the one with "Lois and Clark," only they were Lewis & Clark the explorers, and I think SMG did the voice of Lois, and Dean Cain did the voice of Clark. It just rocked! ;-)
Greg The Bunny? Fantastic.
Oh and don't forget he also has a comicbook for Top Cow called "The Freshmen" that is very good as well. Oh and his continuing movie career. SETH GREEN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and not in a gravelly type way, more in a moon one.

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I adore Seth Green. My adoration actualy pre-dates Buffy, which of course only enhanced it.

Seth Green and Amber Benson are, I think, the two Buffy stars I'd most like to hang with. Just get a beer, chat, watch some movies. I suspect fun times.

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