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January 04 2006

(SPOILER) First pictures of James Marsters' new movie Shadow Puppets. Four pictures on the studio's page for this film. Mild spoilers.

*paddles in the shallow end* Damn but he looks fine in a grey vest. ;0)

Jumps in feet first to join EM! Can't wait to see this. 2 hours of james in his undies! Oh - I mean James emoting elequently. *red face*
He looks SO good. eeeeeeeeeee....I can tell this is going to be a huge hit.
Shadow Puppets? What's the sequel going to be called, Geese Juggling?
Um, his t-shirt looks a little snug. How come they gotta cover it up with a labcoat??

nummy treat...
He is looking fabulous, and the other shots of the film are rather confidence inspiring too - I like the bleak scenery.

Wow, I can't wait to see this - thanks for the link :-)
(Jumps because this is my first post here ever!)

Thanks for the link - Yummy James! I can't wait for this movie!
Wow, does James ever look great in that picture. I'm really looking forward to this movie and more James. Thanks for the link exoticmushroom.
I love seeing these pictures,EM. Usually, I'm not a big fan of "scary" movies, but I got to ask Jolene Blalock about the film at the Tampa Vulkon and was very reassured to hear her compare it being in a Hitchcock or Kubrick style of film. I had the feeling it would be frightening but not a lot of onscreen gore (which suits me fine).
Much as it pains me to mention this... Didn't I read somewhere that this would be straight to DVD?
Mike Ausiello at TV Guide said it was straight to dvd.
There was speculation about that, but I don't think anything was ever officially stated. If you search Whedonesque you will find the other several mentions of this flick. The November 14th discussion was, er, lively, and contained some speculation that it had the air of a direct to DVD release about it. Keep it friendly, folks.

ETA - Ahh, didn't realize, thanks Simon.
I'm looking forward to it.
Whether it goes straight to DVD or is released in the theaters doesn't matter to me. Hell, the Spike movie, if it happens, may be DVD only anyway, so that's no problem. I am just looking forward to more James. To add my opinion to the mix....or just agree with lots of other comments....James looks very good....very good. Can't wait!!!!!!
Actually, the person at Ex-Isle said it WASN'T straight to DVD, so..
spikey beat me to it, you scamp ;0) but here is the post that explains all:-


*tears off the shackles and finally emerges to post in this thread*

First off - hoo boy is this movie gonna kick all kinds of butt!!!

Not saying I managed to sneak a peek at the script or anything...

As has been reported in a few places, yes, James is the lead and Tony and Jolene co-star. And supposedly all three give AMAZING performances! It just wrapped production, which means now it's going to head into the several-months-long post-production process. But anything I can find out during this process, I'll let you guys know!

But UNLIKE what some people are reporting as 'fact', this is NOT intended to be a direct-to-DVD release! From everything I've heard, the folks involved always intended/hoped for a theatrical release. I've been waiting years for James to get a proper big-screen debut as the star of a film!!! So if I hear anything about where we can express our 'interest' in seeing James on the big screen, I'll post it! But in the meantime, I don't think it would hurt to show online our desire for a big screen release for the film, so folks know there's a fanbase out there wanting it!

James Marsters, Tony Todd, and Jolene Blalock - dang! That'll get Buffy/Angel fans, horror fans and Trek fans out to the theaters, won't it? Not to mention - eye candy for everyone, so it's the perfect date movie, too!

Jill *keeping her eyes and ears open for more info...*

So, there you go. :0)
Well, all that really says is that they don't intend it to be direct to DVD. Not many folks make a movie thinking 'Man, I hope this goes direct to DVD, how awesome would that be?'. The post doesn't do a lot to instill confidence that this will get a theatrical run. It just says that nothing has been confirmed and even alludes to the fact that there may need to be a fan show of support to convince a distributor to put it in theatres.
Much as it pains me to mention this... Didn't I read somewhere that this would be straight to DVD?
Joss' bitch | January 05, 08:22 CET

Yeah, I can tell that really tore you up, (ETA:Joss') bitch. But whether "Shadow Puppets" is straight to DVD or theatrical release, I'm thrilled to be able to see James on screen again.

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Alright, let's keep it civil. We can discuss things without resorting to snarking at one another.

anindoorkitty - Using that particular shortened version of Joss' bitch's name as you did could easily be construed as over the line, which is how I'm seeing it.
While'writergroupie's' post certainly doesn't confirm the film will get a theatrical release it does seem to indicate that it isn't definitely set for direct to DVD, which was certainly how Mike Ausiello's comment seemed.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for it getting into theatres but lots of movies don't find theatrical releases and some of them can still be pretty good so I don't see that as a sign of the film being atrocious. Plus, plenty of atrocious movies make it too theatrical release.
Theatrical release, festivals then DVD, direct to DVD I don't mind as long as I get to see it . I'm not usually a fan of psychological thrillers ( because I'm a big wuss) but I'm really looking forward to this one. And James is looking pretty good in that photo!
zeitgiest The post was made to clear up any confusion anyone might have following on from MA's comments.

It clarifies that contrary to MA's words this film was never intended to be a "straight to DVD only" venture, and that a theatrical release was and always had been their intention. Also, I posted the quote in response to Simon's mention specifically of MA's comments, for no other more general reason.

It would be lovely to keep this civil, unfortunately when passive-aggresiveness is used people react, which is of course the reason for it. If the p-a posts were also told to knock it off the thread would remain an harmonious place for fans to comment and be very happy for JM and for themselves.

Looking at anindoorkitty's post it appears that this is all a misunderstanding anyway. Part of her ETA and brackets is in normal font and part in bold. Given that I know her and know that she is not the sort of person to call anyone that word I am certain that it was purely a typo, and not intended as an insult to Joss' bitch. Also, wouldn't a simple editing and e-mail to her by a mod have kept all this off the thread. Sorry if it sounds like I'm telling you how to do your job, but it would have cleared things up without any hoo-ha. *shrugs*
exoticmushroom - if you knew Joss' bitch you would know that it wasn't a passive aggressive slam on JM or his fandom. The bracketed bit was added after my post AND an email exchange. If you would like to discuss it further, feel free to drop me an email. You may want to speak with anindoorkitty (as I did) also before making assumptions about her intent.

ETA - as I've said before, its hard to read tone in text, so please try to avoid reading defensively. Give people the benefit of the doubt and things will go much more smoothly.
I cant wait!! I dont care if it turns out to be fabulous, or horrible, or straight to DVD. I have a wonderful thing for horrible movies (we even host "bad movie night" parties at my house.) If this is great, then great! If not... I hope it's really terrible. Because either way, it gets a spot on my DVD rack.
For me, a straight to DVD would be perfect. I can race right by the scary parts and just pause once in a while to stare at JM. I found this worked well with LOTR's battle scenes.
Ok. Pardon my ignorance. I know M Ausiello is a gossip colomnist with connections, so what he says is usually educated rumor, maybe right and maybe wrong. Who is Writergroupie/Jill?
zeitgeist Fair enough, I was just giving anindoorkitty the aformentioned benefit of the doubt. No worries. Bygones. :0) *has Ally McBeal flashback*
Welcome, new-ish-type members. As you've seen from the above, this little corner of the 'verse we like to call "the black" is different from other places you may visit. As you've no doubt found, it is a place where commonalities are celebrated, differences are a chance to learn, benefits of doubts are given, and ugly simply is not tolerated. Happy to see any misunderstandings above resolved as such. That's what makes Whedonesque great, and its members the finest net-souls I've had the pleasure to meet.

This is a community in every sense of the word. Much insight is to be gained here, whilst much silliness is near guaranteed. All with an understanding that we shall operate within boundaries of a more strict-kind and shall observe a higher standard, for that's how we like it. And we do so, thanks to the indulgence of our firm and fearless leader Caroline, and her team of bright, funny, and well-skilled admins/mods. This is a unique and wonderful place to be and we're glad you are here.
Plus, plenty of atrocious movies make it too theatrical release.

Thank goodness not Wicked Prayer :P Here's hoping that Shadow Puppets does get a theatrical run, I'll certainly check it out.

exoticmushroom - cool, and if I haven't said, welcome aboard.

barest_smidgen - /bow. Whedonesque continues to be one of the coolest places to hang out in this here interweb, it tends to attract great people.
Ok you two, just kiss the screen and get it over with. ;-)

(New-ish members can identify the two I'm speaking to any way they want, as long is it is a pleasant pairing.) answer to your question, writergroupie/Jill worked for RHW(the producer) on DS9 and Andromeda (and she just finished the episode guide for Andromeda (which is being published soon). She's a media insider if you will and what makes her more knowledgable than Ausiello in this instance is that it is a friend of hers who is making "Shadow Puppets" and it was her suggestion to the friend that got James Marsters considered for this role. She said today that she would check with her friend again and see if she could find out anything more than what she was already told (which was that this film was always meant to be a theatrical release.)
Well, I know how I'm identifying the two... ;P Thanks for the updated info, Berry!
"And besides, when is there any 'us two?' You two are the two who are the two. I'm the other one."
Thanks for the info, Berry. It certainly would be great to see this get a lot of exposure...not JM, the movie. Ok, so I would not complain about the other either.

barest_smidgen, Easy for you to say...but kind of senseless too since you know who the two are and you know there is no "us two." "You two are the two who are the two. I'm the other one." really should be my line...except that I'm not the other one either. Is there an "other one?" Just trying to keep things clear here.
Yeah, that was way clearer, newcj... thanks! I think... ;)
"it is a place where commonalities are celebrated, differences are a chance to learn, benefits of doubts are given, and ugly simply is not tolerated."

Cool, that's good to know barest_smidgen. It sounds like where I post most Cold Dead Seed. You should pop over sometime. And thank you and zeitgeist for the welcome. :0)
My brain is so far gone, I didn't understand who barest_smidgen was talking about when she talked about newish members. After all, I recognized everybody's names on the thread so they must not be new, right? Then I checked profiles and realized that I must know the names from when I used to lurk on other boards. I thought CDS was the one, so I guess I'm not totally brain dead after all. :-)

I'm pretty new...this is only like my 4th or 5th post. I've been reading here for a long time but always found registration to be closed. I was so happy when it opened up right around Christmas...nice present. I like it here. And I love being able to chime in with my 2 cents. :)
Thanks for bringing over all the info about the movie. Wow! James looks great and the movie sounds intriguing. It's also nice to glimpse Tony Todd. I hope the film is released to the big screen first and fills me with terror (in a good way).
LOL newcj. Though it may have not been the most on-target quoting, it's hard to pass up a Willow tongue-twister when the opportunity presents. :D (Plus, I was trying to steer clear of the gooey LoveThread talk re: my two who are the two, given the guess that that has become tiresome, icky, and too off-topic for our friends here.) And exoticmushroom... popped over for a quick peek at CDS -- how could I resist with a name like that? The puppet hugging image up top is priceless!

May I veer back towards the topic and say that James looks fantastic in the stills, and if I have to view this new movie from stadium seats in the EnormoTheatre, or hunched over my computer trying to make out the grainy, pirated DVD, or even suffer the indignity of a less than pristine peep-show booth, sign my ass up. I'm ready to move past The Mountain and Cool Money and give the delicious man another shot to wow me with his acting and re-win my (fictional - calm down, dear) heart. I so miss those moments week-to-week where the depth and layers he brought to each and every Spike scene would wow me so dramatically that I'd have to stand up and pace at the commercials saying "Holy crap!" over and over. *sigh* Thems were the days...
barest_smidgen, Easy for you to say...but kind of senseless too since you know who the two are and you know there is no "us two." "You two are the two who are the two. I'm the other one." really should be my line...except that I'm not the other one either. Is there an "other one?" Just trying to keep things clear here.

See, I'm just a one, but not necessarily the 'other' one, but I could be 'the' one, depending on who's looking at me? Am I 'the' one, it's something I've often wondered about but never had any definitive evidence. For right now tho, I am a one, and that's not too bad.
By the way...there is no spork.
My point exactly, nixygirl.
Here's the latest info from writergroupie:

Okay the latest info I've managed to squeeze out of my sources:

The editing is going well and from what I've heard the cast is looking fantastic! Having the priorities that I do, I of course asked how James' performance was and was told he (as always) gave 150% and just knocks it out of the park. Beyond the performance, he spends a portion of the movie in his boxers - ladies, prepare to THUD! Oh, and supposedly James gets a good action sequence or two (and we know how well he can kick butt!)

I also heard that Tony Todd gives an incredible intense performance every time he's onscreen as well. I CAN'T WAIT to see the two of them together onscreen!!!

I don't get the sense that any decisions can/will be made about theatrical release until the edit is done or closer to done, BUT they still absolute WANT a theatrical release.

Other news is that they're hoping to get a website up about the film in February or March, with some more pics and stuff from the film!

If/when I find out more, I'll post! But feel free to pass this info on wherever you feel folks might be interested.

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Thanks for bringing that information over. I always love reading positive comments about a Buffyverse actor, and Marsters in particular. I'm curious as to what the process is for determining whether a film is released theatrically.

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