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January 04 2006's Best in DVD in '05. released the Best in 05, and Angel Season 5 and The Chosen Collection made it in the best Action Adventure DVD section.

I'm so happy I decided to get The Chosen Collection, it was truely worth it. I love the round table discussion.
Although it's an honor to be included in any of these "Best of" lists, I think it sucks that Buffy once again got shuffled off into the Action-Adventure category (notice how the Drama category is almost always listed first and seemingly given the air of being the most prestigious?). It should've been included with the dramas. Lost is in there, it didn't get put under Sci-fi (though it definitely wouldn't belong in Action-Adventure with 24).

I agree with the dramatic picks. The Sopranos is still great and Deadwood Season 2 was my favorite thing on TV last year (well, tied with the final season of Six Feet Under anyway...unfairly enough, neither Six Feet Under's Season 3 or 4 DVD sets made it into Best Drama DVD. I guess the comparitively paltry extras on some of HBO's sets meant it got looked over?). Lost has as great a cast as those other shows, is super-ambitious, and had some true stand-out episodes. I haven't watched any of Gilmore Girls yet, so I won't comment on it, but I think I would've replaced Desperate Housewives with Buffy's Chosen set or Six Feet Under...or maybe The Shield, Nip/Tuck, or Rescue Me. I liked Desperate Housewives Season 1 (holding out for the DVDs of Season 2 now--don't watch TV on Sundays anymore)--it was a lot of fun, sometimes hilarious, and almost all of the cast was superb--but there were definitely more worthy dramatic DVDs this year, with just as impressive extras/special features.
It also made the Bonus Features and Overall Release categories. Quite impressive.

I to am glad I got a copy, but my box already has a tear in it. *sigh*

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