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January 04 2006

Serenity among the Best Things In Life for 2005. This according to 3 editors of Revolution Sci-Fi.

Where to begin? After four years of fans excoriating the still-nameless Fox executives who gave Joss Whedon's freakin' awesome sci-fi Western drama Firefly the axe, it comes back to life on the big screen. And it's breathtaking. It's moving. It makes you love Summer Glau even more.

Yeah for Serenity! (And also Giant Squid.)
Nice find, I loved reading what they had to say about Serenity and agree whole-heartedly. :)

I also agree about the Summer thing. ;) Since Serenity I've switched my allegiance from Kaylee to River. Hey, back in the series she was mostly just crazy-girl-babbling-in-corner. It's great to see her playing a larger role. And Summer is FANTASTIC, and so beautiful.
I too went from a Kaylee fan to a River fan after seeing the movie. I never hated River, I just liked her a considerable amount more after the movie.

I kind of wish the entire paragraph he made about the show coming to the Sci-Fi channel became a reality, but alas it was not meant to be.

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