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March 04 2003

(SPOILER) David and Charisma's chat transcript at E! Online. "Do you still watch Buffy? No, I don't. I don't really watch my show either. I just don't."

I liked his reply about Buffy and Spike.

I liked that he addressed the Superman casting rumors as well.
Major changes coming up for Cordy next season? Excellent.
From Samantha: Are you going to come back to the final Buffy episode like the others?
I have not been asked; probably not.

Aw, poor Charisma Carpenter! Someone should write a letter or take out an ad in Variety or something so she doesn't get left out of the reunion. Unless she's being left out because her character is evil now and that would make it difficult for her to appear. Still, I'm sure they could make it work somehow. I wonder if Alexis Dennisoff is getting invited back for the finale. It would be fun to see the new Wesley interact with the old Scooby gang...
Regarding Cordy, if my guess is right about the direction the writers are going in Angel, it wouldn't make sense right now for Cordy to make an appearance. Then again, I've been wrong before. I also agree that Angel shouldn't get too much Buffy crossoverness going. To paraphrase Carpenter a bit, Angel needs to be rooted in its own world so it can survive post Buffy. It can't forget its past but it also needs to keep looking forward. I think if they put Xander or Spike in the regular cast next season for example, things would be "one step forward two steps back." Not good for storytelling.

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