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January 06 2006

David Boreanaz linked with main lead in 'Splinter Cell' movie. Dark Horizons picks up on the rumour that may have originated at

I can't see him playing Sam Fisher. But then if the movie has nothing to do with the game, who knows?

Well, I'd certainly like to see DB getting a movie-lead in something I'd actually consider watching (unlike, say, Valentine or the last Crow movie), so I'd be all for this, to be honest.
That man has been associated with more movies than I've had hot dinners (well almost). I'd love to see him play a lead too.
Problem is Sam Fisher is an old, gruff, balding guy. Well, at least David can pull off the gruff part.
Simon: Exactly right - these casting rumors come and go and aren't worth a darn thing. If Quentin Tarantino directed everything he was "rumored" to direct, he'd be more prolific than Jess Franco.

For that matter, most of the movies mentioned in these rumors turn out to be not-so-memorable themselves. Why not let's play Public Domain Theatre with DB instead? i.e. place him in a character/work that's existed for so long, we KNOW it's good material.

I'll start: David Boreanaz as Jean Valjean in LES MISERABLES. He's got the build and we know he can play Tortured Man With Dark Secret, so let's put him in the best thing that Victor Hugo wrote that didn't have the word "hunchback" in the title.

Runner up: Anthony Head as the most sympathetic Dr Frankenstein ever. Colin Clive made him nuts, Peter Cushing made him evil, Mr. Head could bring out the innate humanity and tragedy in the Doctor's quest to conquer death.

Who's next?
Yeah Sam Fischer is supposed to be a might bit older than David is. For that matter neither is any of the other dudes listed in that article.

Still might be cool. Those games seriously own.

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I don't know anything about the game or the character. But I do remember the Batman rumours, then there was Jurassic Park 4. Eek!

I'd love to see him in a lead role, but I think the films he has done are the right thing. Not Valentine and WP, but These Girls and the one he did with Henry Thomas, etc. They are varied and interesting. Now if they'd just release them already so I could see them. Pleeeease. Pretty please with sugar on top.
Runner up: Anthony Head as the most sympathetic Dr Frankenstein ever

No no, Frank N Furter.... :~P
I love the Splinter Cell games and the character is supposed to be in his late 40's, early 50's. I always thought Adam Baldwin would make an excellent Sam Fisher - just give him a bit of grey hair to make him look a bit older. He's got the build and can pull off the attitude easily. I love DB but I just don't see him as Sam. But, according to the article Sam in the movie may not be the same as Sam in the game. Don't know if I like that idea or not.
I'm a huge fan of the splinter cell franchise. Personally I'd love to see DB as Sam Fisher. But I don't think that the movie will be anything like the game. It'll most likley be a Bourne Identity kind of thing except he wont be a rouge agent. he's got the look, he's got the build, and he already plays and FBI agent on TV! :)
Rogue Slayer, you make me tremble with antici......
I reckon the perfect choice to play Sam Fisher would be Richard Dean Anderson.
Simon, I hate to say that I had to go to IMDB to see who that was, But I agree with you, I think he definatly looks the part.
Lizz2727: 3 minutes! Whoo-hoo! We're geeks! :)

And Macgyver is cool. The Lawgiver approves.
First off, Anthony head as Frank N Furter is brilliant.

Second if they are going to make up a new plot, change the character in the game, and only use his name, why bother using the name of the game at all?

I don't think Richard Dean Anderson is gruff enough. He's cool and all but when I think bad ass stealthy secret agent in a full body suit, I don't think MacGyver.
Tony as Sherlock Holmes in the film version of the Laurie R King Sherlock Holmes/Mary Russell books
mr_shemp, Alexis Denisof in the Joseph Cotten role in a remake of Carol Reed's "The Third Man", a film with a permanent place in my all-time top ten. Of course, no one could equal Orson Welles' portrayal of Harry Lime, so it's either insert the original footage of Welles, or Willow doing another resurrection spell. Which she probably wouldn't mind doing to help her hubby's career.
Redfern: Tony as Sherlock is a good choice. I'm totally unfamiliar with Laurie King's work -- which of her books would you recommend to start with?

jaynelovesvera: Interesting - Denisof can do "suave but actually naive" like nobody else. I like it. And you're right that nobody could ever replace Welles, even though Vincent D'onofrio can do a decent impersonation of him.

Here's another one - Fillion would make the greatest Robin Hood of all time, as long as they leave out the pointy green hat. Nobody can make that work.
I think I would enjoy seeing DB in this, and I think it would be great for his career. However at this stage it's more than likely unfounded speculation.
The artice didn't say that DB was going to be Sam Fisher, he could be a friend of Sam's, the major villain, his boss, or any other character. I just bought Splinter Cell, enjoying it so far.............. Just finished Wonderfalls.. sad it got cancelled.
I think Richard Dean Anderson would be a great SF as well. I also think the guy that does the actual voice of SF would be great, Michael Ironside, but I think he's too old for the part.

Edited to add that I just checked his age and he's 56 so maybe not too old afterall depending on what age Sam is supposed to be. I just love his voice and whoever gets the part needs to have that intense tone to it and I think Adam Baldwin could pull that off nicely.

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nobody could ever replace Welles, even though Vincent D'onofrio can do a decent impersonation of him.

Fun facts, mr_shemp: Although VD'O (d'oh!) was the physical body of Welles in "Ed Wood," the voice was dubbed in by Maurice LaMarche, aka "The Brain" from "Pinky and..." (My aunt worked at Touchstone when the film was released, she swears this is the truth.) Other actors have done the whole package of Welles, though, like Liev Schrieber (RKO281), Angus MacFadyen (Cradle Will Rock) and (I really thought so) Jack Black in "King Kong."

I totally agree with your Robin Hood casting, but isn't that who he's playing already (complete with Adam Baldwin as Little John, Ron Glass as Friar Tuck & Morena Baccarin as Maid Marian)? ;-)

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