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"Sorry Agent Ballard, you don't get the girl."
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March 04 2003

(SPOILER) The preview for AtS S4x13 'Salvage' is now up at Angel's Acolyte.

I was wondering how Faith got out of jail and how she would react to what is going on.

Oh my... I thought we were having a Whedon-less week.
Cordelia- ewwww.
Faith- "Like riding a biker."
Nice little Speed quote,was that line Joss's in the movie?
Great episode- one more and I'm Whedon-spoiler free!

Oh, and Cordelia- ewww.
Eliza looks so much more convincing when she's battering demons around. Than SMG, I meant.
Agreed. I really liked this ep and seeing Eliza back in action was just great.
I'm fed up with Cordelia, though; her scenes are comparable to the dull Kim scenes in 24.

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