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January 07 2006

The results of E! Online's 2006 Save One Show Poll. Various shows, which have Buffyverse alums starring in them, make the list.

Umm, is it me or are a lot of those shows not actually going to be cancelled or ending of their own choosing? For example, Veronica Mars isn't cancelled (as far as i'm aware) and the people behind Alias all seem quite happy to tie things up with the fifth season. No point trying to save a show if the people involved want to move on anyway.

As for Charmed, it doesn't matter whether it comes back for another season or not, that show was beyond saving a loooong time ago.
Some fandoms, as in the case of Veronica Mars, tend to do premptive campaigns to save their shows.

As for Alias, I have no idea.
Would the ratings for Veronica Mars be at all affected if more of Canada aired the show? Or is it just an american thing only? 'Cause it really sucks that we have to wait for CTV to air it each summer.
Christopher - No kidding
I just watched all of Season 1 on DVD with my 17 year old daughter - we both want season 2 NOW.
I've yet to see Veronica Mars, but the anticipation is certainly building.

I've only seen up to and including season three of Alias with the season four DVD waiting for me to start on it, but based on what I've seen I still think it is a great show. Season three was definitely different, and colder than previous years, but I still enjoyed it.

I think sometimes shows need more experimental or transitional seasons. I for one loved Buffy season six which is generally consider weak by a lot of fans. Unless seasons four and five of Alias are incredibly bad, I still think it deserves to be on the air considering some of the rubbish we are subjected to. Thus far, they have always provided a good level of entertainment and quality. However it may just be the right time for the people involved to quit.
Razor, season four of Alias, certainly the first half anyway, suffers a little from the fact that the network requested it be a little easier to understand for the casual viewer, leading to a lot of self contained episodes rather than the intense continuity and plot arcs you had become accustomed to in the first three years. They were by no means terrible but it did feel like they were holding the true Alias story back a little. The second half of the season proved much better however. I have yet to see season five but from what i have heard it won't let you down.

Don't get me wrong, i would have liked Alias to continue. My only point was that it looked as if Jennifer Garner was ready to move on anyway and that JJ Abrams seems to think this is a good time to call it a day as well. If that is the case then i feel it better to let the show end on a high, rather than drag it out with a new lead and lacklustre stories.
My thoughts exactly, Vampire With A Gun. Haven't seen season 5 yet, but I don't see Alias continuing without Syd. That would just be wrong. But a spin off? That would be nifty.

Razor, your feelings about season 3 Alias similar to season 6 Buffy? Dead on.

Too bad Kitchen Confidential did not score higher. I was a big fan.

Charmed? Really? I've been down that really is just bad.
Someone's really trying to save charmed? why should we, when it's clear Brad Kern doesn't care enough to write a decent script and the gals appear to be just phoning it in? And for several seasons at that!
Who's Brad Kern?

Scratch that, who cares?

**mutters** can't believe this fucking show is still on. **seethe**
Agreed, Willowy. I've happened to catch Charmed a couple of times, having initally dismissed Alias because I thought it would be a kind of cheesy Buffy knock off in a different genre, however I actually watched it and realised how good it was. I was wondering if perhaps Charmed was any good, but no, of course it wasn't. I just thought it was so terrible, it just felt cynical and exploitative in every way. The sitcom-y style acting, the varying skimpy costumes, the tired and deritative mythology... everything.

I'm glad to hear Alias will be picking up. As I said, I did enjoy season three but I didn't enjoy it quite as much as season one or two. I think two was probably the best so far. But as you guys have already said, I don't think I want to see it continue without Sydney, and with Jennifer Garner's blossoming film career and JJ Abrahm's other projects such as Lost and Mission Impossible, I guess they must feel it is time to move on.
tuneman570 Phoning it in? That Holly Far-too-long-a-name-to-bother-about-or-even-care-about has been faxing it in since Day One!
which is a shame, because I liked her (Holly-Marie Combs) in Picket Fences.

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