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January 07 2006

James Marsters Limited Edition Words and Music DVD Pal version. Both are now shipping the pre-orders. However, if you haven't gotten yours, there are some left but since it is a limited edition once they are gone, they will be gone. This is the link to the NTSC version.

Hmm, yeah, I notice it's actually cheaper for someone in the US to buy the PAL version....I guess since I have a region free dvd player, that's what I'll do. Not sure I understand the logic though!

But I do like the cd face of the US version better...
Well, unless they change the price daily to reflect the current money exchange, it would be very difficult to charge the same price. I think they choose the nearest whole dollar amounts to charge. And by the time you pay the extra fee your credit card company or bank will charge for a payment in another currency, you might save a couple of dollars.
Well, I ordered mine tonight, and my bank didn't charge extra enough to make it a better deal to buy the NTSC version. I also don't understand why the shipping from the UK to the US is cheaper than shipping within the's all a confusing setup.
I ordered mine through Power Star Collectibles here in the US so I didn't have to worry about exchange rates or regions. As a total Luddite, I have no idea if my DVD player is encoded or not.
Sounds good, but where can I order them?

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