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January 08 2006

Happy Birthday Amber Benson! Actress, writer, director and producer turns 29 today.

Happy Birthday Amber!
Only 29? For some reason I thought at least mid-thirties! Happy birthday to a very talented actor/writer/singer etc etc.

ETA: even more illiterate than usual today!

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Happy Birthday Amber! Wherever you are :)
Happy Birthday, Amber!
Happy Birthday,Amber, Hope you have a wonderful day and all your special dreams come true.
Happy Birthday Amber!
Sigh. She'll always be 24-ish to me (age she was on BtVS :-)
How time flies...
Here's to thinking of your new wonderful year Amber!
Happy Birthday, Amber. Not only is she a talented actress, I was quite impressed how she directed her movies. Mark my words, we'll be hearing more of Amber Benson.
Happy Birthday to Amber! I'm reading her novel "Ghosts of Albion: Accursed" right now and I'm enjoying it so far. What an extremely talented young woman!
Happy Birthday Amber!
In celebrating her birthday, the Whedonverse Multimedia Project is hosting a special give-away of her book "Ghosts of Albion: Accursed" autographed by both Ms. Benson and Christopher Golden. Read about it here.
Happy Birthday Amber!
Heh, I somehow missed this thread and am now a day late. So: a belated Happy Birthday, Amber.

I always liked Amber on Buffy, but after 'meeting' her in the UK, during Nocturnal 3K, my apreciation for her became even larger. A very friendly, very talented person. So I most definately hope we'll be hearing much more about her in the future (or the now), yes.

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