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January 08 2006

Joss Whedon talks Buffy. "It really does represent a huge (part of my life), the biggest journey I've ever taken, the longest journey I've ever taken, and the first journey I ever took as an artist that was truly my own".

This is a related piece to the Serenity interview that was posted here four days ago.

Very nice bit, Simon, thanks for posting it.

I just love how Joss is still so willing to talk about Buffy, and with so much pride. Often, creatives like him just want to talk about the latest thing they're involved with, instead of revisiting a past accomplishment. He always comes up with a new and interesting way to explain his work, too. I loved his "levels" remark.

Buffy is and always will be, for me, the greatest television show ever. It warms my heart that Joss still cherishes it and credits it with so much importance in his life.
Ok, can someone answer this once and for all....his name is Joss, right? And that's not short for anything, right?
Ah yes. Trust the Sun not to accept that Joss really and truly changed his name from Joseph. But yes, I did like all the Buffy mention.
So are we saying that there's some connection between Joseph and Joss?

I'll get me coat...
Jossy... foamy.
I thought he was married to Jewel Staite? ;-)

note to lurkers: above is a joke, a joke, merely a joke

Yep, this must have been during the same chat as that earlier interview. I hope these quotes are reliable transcriptions, because they are interesting and certainly seem Jossy-good. Thanks for both links! :-)
Long time lurker

Could someone please tell me where this Jewel Staite joke comes from. It seams a bit odd does it have a funny background.
It comes from a Variety review of Serenity where they mistaken referred to Jewel being Joss' wife.
This is the pertinent thread.

Edit for typo

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Great, a Whedonesque joke that I was actually originally around for. I guess that means I'm part of history now!

Definitely a lover interview, and I totally agree with Willowy. It irks me so much every time you see Tom Cruise or someone talking about their latest project and how it's the best thing they've ever done, when I'm wondering how it could have got so much better from their last project, which they also claimed was the best thing ever. Joss treats each of his shows with respect and is willing to talk about each of them in depth. What a great guy.
So... how about that Buffy reference in Grandma's Boy? Anyone else besides me see it yet? No? Okay...
Can't say I'm ever planning on seeing Grandma's Boy, RIPWesley, so maybe you could spill about the reference? Pretty please?
Willowy said
Buffy is and always will be, for me, the greatest television show ever.

I'm right now into my second time through the complete series in the correct order, and I'm just awed by the achievement that is Buffy. My first glimpse of Buffy came years ago when my room-mate rented the movie video and I caught about 10 minutes worth. I'd read Dracula and was familiar with other vampire literature, including most memorably a play-in-progress that put the character into postwar America, where van Helsing was a female Dutch resistance fighter. The idea of a more modern update where the inevitable vampire nemisis happened to be a California valley girl struck me as cute, if limited. When some years later I heard that it was being turned into a television series I wondered how anyone could take what seemed essentially a one-joke concept and string it out into a series. I didn't try watching it because I didn't watch much television. I'm not even sure I owned a tv at the time.

Fast-forward several years later, I owned a tv and vcr and was in my local video store (not named "Best Video" for nothing), looking for things that could distract my attention while using a home fitness machine. I'd already worked my way (literally) through Masterpiece Theater's "Forsythe Saga" (old series AND new), "I, Claudius" and the entire "Brother Cadfael" series. (Okay yes, I'm pretentiously literary). I'd noticed the BtVS video collection many times and my curiosity was piqued by remembering it referred to as a uniquely intelligent show, so I gave it a try. Nothing to lose except the $4 rental fee.

I had no anticipation of the impact it would have on me. No television series has ever drawn me in the way that show did. After renting every one of the boxed video sets (not the most recommended route for watching Buffy), I bought a dvd player solely so I could watch every episode. Then I bought every episode, year by year, along with the associated Angel years (and eventually of course Firefly.) I had whole lost weekends of Buffy, where I sat down and watched hours on end, staying going until 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. Then I'd go on-line and search out every article or commentary on what I'd just watched that I could find. I described, in detail, every story arc and character development to my boyfriend who was a bit bemused by this new obsession. He now owns all of Firefly but is not allowed to watch Buffy or Angel outside of my presence.
(A while ago I happened across an article on about men and sexbots in which the male author described women's ideal man as one who will snuggle with you while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Got that right!)
( for those interested.)

How to explain to those outside the Buffy circle why this silly-sounding titled thing is so powerful, how it is so much more than a "one-joke concept." The writing IS exceptionably smart. It's funny, and clever and the stories delight with unforseen twists ("Oh the evil live puppet is actally the good guy - didn't see that coming"). It sucks you in with it's wit and then it sucker-punches you in the gut with the pain and the loss and the needing. It's a show about inhuman monsters that's really about the most human of needs, the need to be connected to others.

Buffy, Angel, they're shows about demons and superheroes the way Hamlet is a play about ghosts, Macbeth about witches and prophecies, the Tempest a story about sorcery, and A Midsummer Night's Dream is a fairy tale.
Thank-you barboo. Beautifully said.
Thanks Lioness. I was worried I'd gotten a too wordy, but y'know, Buffy...

Now, oops, how do I edit my own post to remove the unsightly typo? I'm sure I read how to do it at some point, but can't find the instructions.
Oh yes, barboo. Very beautifully said. I have to agree, too, with your reference to the ideal man being the one who snuggles with you while watching BtVS. Miracle of miracles, I've found me one.

Perhaps you're too new to edit your own post. Check the whedonesque rules. But, why edit your glorious post?
In Grandma's Boy, the reference is given by a game-creator named JP, who also was in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

He tries to impress a new co-worker and boss of the game-testers (played by the actress who did Velma in the Scooby Doo films, [Linda Cardellini - ed.] a little connection to Buffy herself there since SMG was Daphne). The quote is something like "I just got the new season of Buffy, I was going to go home and watch the bonus features" then the woman responds by saying something along the lines "that hasn't even come out yet has it" and JP responds "yeah, I know some people in high places".

Actually I'm probably really cropping the quotes and ruining the joke, and so as to not plagiarize all that is copyrighted and trademarked by happy madison, MTV, Level 1 films, or whoevers bankrolling the film and owns the rights to the part. I probably misquoted it bad enough as it is, but check it out - even if just to see a little fun being poked at us Buffy-lovers, and in some cases such as my own obsessors, and interesting that it's being said to a actress who starred with Buffy actress Sarah Michelle Geller in both Scooby Doo flicks. As for the moderators, feel free to edit and remove my post if I broke rules I was unaware of, just trying to share the bit with fellow whedonesquer UnpluggedCrazy. Thanks :)
No broken rules as such, RIPWesley, and thanks for the info - I just tidied up your comment by punctuating and capitalizing, which makes it much easier to read. Thanks.
phlebotinin, what a lovely thing to say. Thanks.
There was just this typo that was being all glarey, y'know. No big.
I have to agree, too, with your reference to the ideal man being the one who snuggles with you while watching BtVS. Miracle of miracles, I've found me one.

Congratulations, phlebotinin. Is that why you haven't been around much lately? ;) We've missed you on Flickr. I do agree with that premise, though, including AtS, "Firefly" and "Serenity", of course.

barboo, that was beautifully said. I had a similar experience - and epiphany - when I discovered "Buffy" just over a year ago. (I was a "Firefly" fan from the first airing of "The Train Job".) I bought all the DVD sets and cruised through them in about two and a half months, while taping and watching "Angel" every day. (I now have all the AtS DVDs as well.) I never get tired of watching - or discussing, sometimes at great lengths - Joss's shows, and I'm glad he doesn't either. I'm watching BtVS S6 right now - in between showings of "Serenity", of course. :)
I've just moved on to BtVS S6 again. Finished "All the Way" and "Once More, with Feeling" last night. Knew that "Once More" is utterly brillaint (David Fury singing about getting the stain out, with singing/dancing chorus has to be absolutely one of the funniest scenes ever in the history of television), but I hadn't remembered how funny "All the Way" was. I remembered it as being more melancholy with poor Dawn's first kiss being a vampire and all, but it was just full of lol bits.

I've now gone so far in Jossness as to rent and watch "Speed." I remember when the movie came out, the reviews saying how snappy it was with the dialogue. And it was. Although character-wise, not in a league with any of the series.
Ah, but Joss barely got a credit on Speed, so no surprise there.
I have my Buffy and Angel DVDs lent out to 2 sisters 16 & 18 (and their dad who is also watching it!) and to a 42 year old and I so long to get them back to watch my favourite episodes again. But it is ok. I prefer to introduce people to the Wonders of Whedon.

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