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March 04 2003

Unaired Firefly script available on If a show's cancelled is a new script spoilery?

Also from there is a rumour going around Joss has signed a deal with Fox for a Firefly movie. Huh.
Sigh. Let's hope that one day, we'll actually get to see this episode. I do remember reading somewhere ( that if a DVD does get released, the unaired episodes should be included. In the meantime, I'm going to resist reading the script in the hopes that I can go unspoiled for when that day comes.

A movie would definitely be great. I just wish something official would be announced already.
I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but there were a set of three unaired Firefly scripts on eBay that recently sold for well over $200.00.
They sold for around $700-800. The guy who bought them is typing them up, and has posted this first one. The others will follow.
This is great, the guy who bought them didn't have to do anything like this. People on the internet can be so great sometimes.
Wow, the winning bidder (must've had a brain fart when I quoted how much the scripts went for) is also the one typing up the scripts... echoing Barry, that's pretty damn cool.

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