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January 09 2006

Trailers for the Electric Company dvd coming February 7th. Not Whedonesque, you might think, but wait!

The head writer for The Electric Company used to try his bits out on his 9-year-old son...some kid named Joss....Tom Whedon, the middle generation of the 3 generations of Writing Whedons was the head writer for this classic educational show before turning his hand to the acerbic wit of Benson and The Golden Girls.

Don't forget that there were live-action Spider-Man bits during The Electric Company!

Gotta love Spidey teachin' the little'uns.
This was a great show. I wasn't the target audience by any means and I loved it. My favourite section was a spoof of soap operas.
And look who else it featured! Mel Blanc, Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder. This is great stuff. Thanks thespian.
Who can turn a can into a cane? Who can turn a man into a mane? It's elementary for Silent E! Tom Lehrer at his best! :-D

And let's not forget that Morgan Freeman got his start on EC as Easy Reader!
We're gonna turn it on!
We're gonna bring you the power...!"
I loved TEC.
I wasn't in the target audience either, but I was a regular viewer.
Yeah, Morgan Freeman as Easy Reader. He was hella cool.
: )
Faster than a rolling O
Stronger than silent E
Able to leap capital T at a single bound!

It's a word
It's a plan
It's Letterman!

Ah. Good times. Why didn't Joss sneak in an EC reference on Smile Time? It would have been a natural!
Another Electric Company kid here. I was just a little too old/advanced in reading to really "need" it, but I still loved the show. Yes, we learn from two generations of Whedons. And I remember when Morgan Freeman started popping up in movies regularly and thinking "hey, that's Easy Reader!"

Which leads me to wonder about we'll be seeing from Joss's brother, Zack. I assume he's still assisting David Milch on "Deadwood", but Joss referred to a student film he did on the "Serenity" commentary. Hopefully, he'll continue to do the name proud.
I was way past the target audience for The Electric Company, yet, I still sing the silent e song to myself on occasion.
How cool! It turns out I was a Whedon fan decades before Buffy! Fargo North, Decoder was my hero...and of course, who can forget Love of Chair?

Which reminds me: what about Naomi?
That's it! Love of Chair! Will the boy sit on the chair? Will the chair stand alone? Stay tuned till next week for "Love of Chair"
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12!

That's all I remember. Oh, and of course, the "Hey You Guys".

My best friend loves Golden Girls as much as I love Buffy, so I LOVED letting her know that Tom Whedon was a writer. She makes way too much fun of me.
I didn't see The Electric Company - not the target audience, either - but I am a big fan of Tom Lehrer's and have "The Silent E" on one of his albums.

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