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January 09 2006

Sci Fi Wire Poll: The Next Whedon Project. What would your choice be?

Sci Fi Wire are currently running a poll to see which project the fanbase would most like to see next from Joss Whedon. The options include another Serenity movie, the Spike movie or Wonder Woman.

I chose more Serenity.

Much as I love Spike, I got seven seasons of him on Buffy, and one on Angel. That's eight seasons. I got Mal's bunch'a ruffians for, oh, 17 hours.

Besides, Spike will hopefully be in the upcoming S8 comics...

I don't care how dead in the water it appears to be.

Had to go with Spike, myself. I love Firefly/Serenity but it could never come close to my worship of the Buffyverse, in particular that of Spike. There had never existed a television character (or anyone outside of the world of football, for that matter) that i could call an idol of mine before i saw Spike on BtVS. He just deserves his own story, even if just in the form of a telemovie. Simple as that, for me anyway.

Wonder Woman, if i'm honest, was never an option. Never cared for the character even when i was reading a wider range of comics as a kid. These days i'm pretty much only a Marvel reader (when i get chance to read any comics at all) so the prospect of the Wonder Woman movie is totally uninspiring to me. Now if we were talking an actually interesting female superhero, like Rogue, Storm, Ms Marvel or the She Hulk, then i'd be the first in the queue to watch.

A Joss Whedon written She Hulk movie ... bliss! :)
Spike, Spike, and more Spike!
Yeah...Spike is actually my favorite creation of Joss', but I still think I'd rather see more Serenity, like I said above. But I dunno. It was a tough decision.
Same here, UnpluggedCrazy. Spike is my favorite Jossverse character but there isn't enough Serenity. Yet.
Had to vote Serenity even tho' Spike may be my fave Buffyverse character. After all, 2 down, 7 to go ;)
Joss said something in Wizard magazine ages ago about doing a S.W.O.R.D. spinoff from Astonishing X-Men. I get Ellis vibes from that so I wouldn't mind reading it.
No question in my mind....I NEED MORE SPIKE. I have never been more totally captivated by a character than I have been with Spike, and I think there is still so much of his story left to tell.
Spike is unique...he is definitly NOT Angel...and I just hope that James Marsters gets the chance to bring Spike front and center into that spotlight where BOTH actor and character, deserve to be.
Though the poll would be fairer if it had a 'Goners' option as well.
2 down, 7 to go

Saje, I think you've just titled the next Firefly movie.
Yes, I would have voted Goners, Simon. I likes me some human condition.
I voted Wonder Woman simply because I want to see Joss doing a character we haven't seen from him before.(if goners was in the poll, I would've voted that.)
I would love more Buffy movies, but I can't stand Spike (at the moment). If there had been an option with more Buffy movies including Spike I would have voted for it. Now I didn't vote for anything.

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I don't like voting in this sort of thing. I'd see any of the above (although Spike is my least favorite). It all depends on TPTB, so I don't want to get my hopes up for one in particular and then another gets made first. I'll be the typical American and not vote! ;-)
I believe the world deserves to see more of the Serenity crew, world including us "border planets" as well :-) (for example Hungary)
I voted more Serenity. Easy, really. Now if it had stated 'Buffy/Angel tv movie (any character)' instead of the Spike movie, it'd have been more difficult, although even then, it the end, I'd probably have gone for a Serenity sequel, for the reason UnpluggedCrazy already stated.

Spike was a great character and James rocks and is an incredible actor, but for me, Spike has had more than enough screentime in both Buffy and Angel. Yes, there's allways gonna be people who want to see more Spike (and I'd be very happy if we got a Spike movie, don't get me wrong) simply because he's their favorite and because there's still stories that could be told, but there's lots of other characters on both Buffy and Angel who I'd rather see return or learn more about but are just not as widespread popular as Spike is in our little fandom.

As for Wonder Woman, the only reason I'm looking forward to the movie is Joss. I've always cared more for Marvel's stable of characters than for DC and Wonder Woman doesn't do much for me straight away. But I'm sure that Joss'll turn it into something that I'll end up loving. The things he said about writing the script in interviews make me hopefull it'll be great.

:edit: Oh, yes, and to be complete: what I'd love more than anything else, is see Joss return to tv. Getting my weekly dose of Joss-style writing would be great, better than a bigger fix every year or so. What's more, characters can grow more on tv and nobody does character work like Joss does.

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I know it ain't on the list, but I'd like to see Joss direct an adaptation of "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" - be it as a film, Sci-Fi Channel mini-series - or series television. (And as an unrelated note - I have a brilliant, brilliant I tell you, way to start the second film, "My Youth in Arcadia" - which I won't post unless someone expresses an interest, as it's semi-long and on an tangent.)

I did voted for more Serenity though, though, ultimatly, as has been said, it all comes down to TPTB, and DVD sales.

Side note - I wonder, if Firefly had played on F/X primarily (yes, I know F/X is owned by Fox) rather than on the Fox network, would it have lasted longer?
I'll give Wonderwoman a chance, but not particularly interested.

The stories in Serenity were not finished their trajectory. I think it would be helpful to have Joss outline (for himself) what it would take to serve the characters well, then make it and have closure.

Though, frankly, I could go on forever with them.
More Spike!!!
More Spike!!!

So, what you're saying is you'd like to see more Spike, then?
I think another reason that choosing Spike was a no-brainer for me (not that i really needed another reason, but still) was for the simple fact that of the two options i actually care about it is the only one likely to happen. The Spike telemovie is a real possibility whereas anything further from Serenity, at least in a live action format, is pretty much an impossibility. At least at this stage anyway.

Besides, we had us some Serenity action in 2005. It's time to get back to the Buffyverse, whether that be in a Spike movie or with one of the other characters that have been suggested. Although i'd still prefer one last appearance from Spike first, if only due to the time limit involved.
Out of the confirmed projects (Wonder Woman and Goners), I'd have to say Wonder Woman. But I'm pushing for Serenity. I love Spike, but I can accept his time as done. But not our BDH, there time has just begun.
Anything Buffyverse anything at all, even if it has to be a Spike story would be received as a gift from Santa or TPTB.
Goners a distant second choice, fresh new material sounds better than the compromises that will be needed to get a WonderWoman movie made.
Spike next please, because there is more of a time limit on that than any of the others.

Joss can make any of the other projects anytime in the future, in fact I think Serenity/Firefly needs some time to percolate and raise a bigger fanbase. It was 12 years between the Star Trek series and first movie and the fanbase grew during that time. I am hopeful we will have another Serenity something long before 12 years, but would not be surprised if it needs 2 or 3 to get into the general consciousness.

As far as WW and Goners, there will be new young actresses coming up through the ranks every year. James Marsters is only going to feel able to play Spike for a little while longer so, Spike please.
Well for me it has to be more Spike I'm afraid.
Ok, um, I can't find the poll...I just see articles about Aquaman, Loni Peristere, and Where the Wild Things Are....

But if I could would be a close call. I loves me some Spike and I really want to see him again. But I also feel Serenity/Firefly never got the chance it deserved.
Rogue Slayer, the poll is on the right hand side of the page, alongside the news stories.
I voted Serenity, but I'd like a Spike movie, too.

Really, though, I'm just waiting for a full length feature film of the Fruity Oaty Bars commercial.
Goners would be my choice, as more Serenity doesnt seem to be possible at the moment ( which hopefully will change!! Buy the DVD guys!) As for the Spike movie .. well Id like to see other characters get a movie like Illyria etc. but of course i will watch Spike movie if it is made.
Oh and lots of more Joss shows on TV would still be wonderful ...
I voted for Spike.

I want a Spike/Illyria buddy movie, the more Amy Acker the better.

But what I really want to see is a Scourge of Europe movie, William the Bloody, Angelus, Drusilla and Darla painting the whole of Europe red, it would be hilarious and awesome at the same time!
Why would anyone vote for WW? I don't get that. That's not even really a Joss thing. His involvement is the only reason I'm going to see it, but even then, I'll wait for the dvd.

I'm with the poster who said that Spike's time is finite, so let's get a move on, there. The Serenity folk will still be viable a decade from now, the 'vampire with a soul II' won't be.
Spike - because it's on a time-limit. And I do so want to see that gorgeous vampire again. I mean I want to see the interesting story Joss has to tell about him. Yup, that's it.
Spike.. because the clock is ticking! The crew of the Serenity can age, Ripper can age , Spike can't.
I don't see the point in voting for WW because we already know that's the next project he's working on (unless of course Goners goes into production first), so that's already in the bag. Whereas the Serenity sequel and Spike movie haven't been picked up by a studio. Spike is time sensitive and needs to happen soon if its going to happen at all. There isn't really any time contraint on Serenity, if anything, it'll need to wait at least a year for the studio to access the DVD sales. So, while we're waiting for that to happen, lets get a Spike movie done.

BTW, I'm assuming Spike would be straight-to-dvd as previously mentioned by Joss and perhaps even other characters in their own films as well.
I'm in the love-my-buffyverse-but-had-enough-of-Spike camp. However, I live in the hope that a Spike movie will have some Faith, Illyria, or whoever else in it aswell, and so Spike got my vote.
I'm with eddy (and looks like we're really in the minority). I'm excited to see what Joss does with Wonder Woman. Willowy, I would say there's as much reason for fans to look forward to it as there was for Joss to take on the project in the first place (a new, different challenge). I love what Joss does in the Buffy and Serenity 'verses, and I look forward to anything new there, but I feel like they're kind of known quantities. Wonder Woman (as well as Goners) piques my curiosity more.
Spike, or anything/anyone from the Buffyverse. Oooh, Ripper! Please. As Willowy and others have said, we're on a time limit with that. I adore Firefly/Serenity unreservedly but if a new Firefly/Serenity installment were NOT in the form of a long-running TV series (my favorite Joss form), I could stand to take a temporary break from that 'verse and return to the unequalledly fascinating (to me) BuffyAngelverse. The BuffyAngelverse has so much history, richness and depth that a two hour movie taking place in that 254 hours' developed 'verse would be more satisfying to me than another two hour movie rooted in the 17 hours' Fireflyverse. (Unfair, I know. Firefly *should* have been a 5-7 year show. Damnit.)

As for WW, as Willowy also said, WW isn't technically an original Joss creation. I'm very curious to see what he does with it - and I'll be there on opening night, with bells on - but I can't get worked up about the project in the same way I can with something that sprang whole from the mind o' Joss. Maybe it's a silly distinction, though, because I also can't imagine Joss approaching WW with anything less than his signature originality. Hmm.

I'm crazy-curious about Goners. Insanely, desperately, homicidally curious, even.
Aww, Willowy, c'mon, see Wonder Woman in theaters. Joss himself has stated he's not a big fan of the comics and never watched the campy TV series...he's more interested in the character and her basic values and internal workings, like the original comics back in the 40's.

WW, with a few exceptions (and boy, those exceptions were extremely notable), has been a stale character for the past few decades. Joss'll be able to get her back to her roots and spin a fascinating yarn.
Another Serenity movie.
Fray movie.

I love the BuffyAngelverse, but I think it's pretty done for me. Well, we still have Faith, Illyria or Ripper. But only Spike is getting all the attention _

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No none of the above choice? Personally I miss the Buffy/Angel verse, and though I know it is unlikely, I am still up for a Buffy/Angel movie and that is about all. OK,on second thought, a Ripper series or movie would get me watching.
Serenity gets my vote. I miss the Buffy and Angel-verse beyond belief, but we have 12 seasons of goodness to watch, whereas we only have half a season of Firefly plus an awesome movie. Whilst I do believe we will see more of the Buffyverse, I'm more eager to see more from the Firefly-verse, and two more movies would certainly whet my appetite.
hmmm.. I miss the Buffyverse.
Life just isn't as shiny.

I loved Serenity...The image of Summer Glau wielding the axe hoodads is forever burned in my brain--- But... I miss Xander (I want to know what one-eyed Xander is doing!) and I miss Willow immensely--- sigh!--
And I would hope a Spike movie would have them too.
I want a Spike/Illyria buddy movie, the more Amy Acker the better.

Now you're talking! [homer]Hmmm, amy...[/homer] ;-)

Why would anyone vote for WW? I don't get that. That's not even really a Joss thing. His involvement is the only reason I'm going to see it, but even then, I'll wait for the dvd.

He's writing and directing. That pretty much makes it a Joss thing. And not seeing it at the movies? A new Joss movie and then staying home and waiting for the DVD? That I don't get. I can see not being a Wonder Woman fan to begin with (I'm not either), but I'm confident Joss'll create a very satisfying movie-going experience.
Spike may not be a Joss thing either if he leaves it to others to write and direct as he very well may. Yet I voted for Spike.
I needs me some more Spike!
From the choices given, I'd go with more "Serenity." - *But* I just read "Fray" for the first time today and was blown completely out of the water. I've never cared for the comic book medium, but this was just... *wonderful*. I'd love to see a continuation of it. And also, "Goners" is something I'm rabid to see.
Spike movie, please! Although I try to imagine a perfect world where Joss shares his time between Spike movie and Firefly season 2...
Well, I would vote for a Spike movie if my browser allowed me to see the poll. There's been about 15 hours too many of the Serenity crew for my tastes. Wonder Woman or something else would be my second choice.
Spike please.

As others have said it is time sensitive so tick, tock, get off the block. A little bad rhyme there in honour of the vamp in question. :0)

Also, FF fans got their movie. It's Spike fans turn. Then there can be Serenity 2, then Ripper, then Serenity 3, then Illyria, then Serenity 4, then Xander, etc.
GVH, I do see your point, however I've been hearing about WW all my life. It's such an established convention that it just isn't Jossverse to me.

I'm sure he'll make it very cool, as my faith in the man is unwavering. I just have no rabid need to see it as I would one of his original works.

If anything is possible: I'd love to see Ripper. And Season Two of Firefly.

Within the realm of possiblity, what I'm most looking forward to is, right now, the Goners project.

Especially after Joss spoke again in the Chosen collection round-table discussion about how Invisible Girl was his first "encounter" with BtVS because he drew a picture of his hand disappearing at age 15, and it seems as though Goners might share some of that provenance. But also because, as someone else pointed out here recently, Goners marks the first entirely original project (meaning not set in an existing 'verse) of Joss's since Firefly - and I can't wait to see what he creates.

FF fans got their movie. It's Spike fans turn

Well, fortunately Joss hasn't thus far shown that he must accede to the demands of the various fan groups. And a good thing: he'd never have a moment to turn to anything new that might actually, you know, inspire him more. As fans we are generally, and inevitably, limited in our vision of what Joss might do by what he already has done. Fortunately, he himself is not so limited.
Damn, SNT. You are so frickin' cool. Love what you said there.

Well, from when i first saw the poll this morning to how it is right now there has been a considerable change:

Then: Serenity 68% Spike 21% Wonder Woman 11%
Now: Serenity 59% Spike 32% Wonder Woman 9%

Okay, still a decent majority for Serenity and the Browncoats but it's nice to see we Blackleathercoats aren't going to go out without a fight! :D
"Well, fortunately Joss hasn't thus far shown that he must accede to the demands of the various fan groups. And a good thing: he'd never have a moment to turn to anything new that might actually, you know, inspire him more. As fans we are generally, and inevitably, limited in our vision of what Joss might do by what he already has done. Fortunately, he himself is not so limited.
SoddingNancyTribe | January 10, 02:28 CET"

Was that really necessary? All I was doing was stating an opinion.

And yes my vision is limited to Spike because he's my favourite, and I could give a rat's patootie about Serenity. I was playing nice. I could have done without the snark thanks.
Note that I wrote "our vision," not "your vision." I think we're all guilty of wishing for Joss to redo our own particular favorite characters.

BTW, that comment was my opinion, nothing more. As always, feel free to disagree. As you already have. Apologies if it seemed to be something other than opinion, or rude or obnoxious in some way. That wasn't my intent.
Egads. Just goes to show you how differently things can be interpreted.

I guess.
SNT Thank you.

Willowy Not highly helpful.
As fans we are generally, and inevitably, limited in our vision of what Joss might do by what he already has done. Fortunately, he himself is not so limited.

Since just going with Joss's vision was not really one of the choices in the poll, we were limited to the choice of Serenity, Spike or WW. Since I like Serenity, have no interest in Wonderwoman but love the Buffyverse. It was a no brainer, I voted for my favorite blond vampire. :-)
Yeah, wrikiwood I was kinda extending the bounds of the question in my comment. Going off-topic is something I've been known to do. ;) As for the choices, which were too few, I opted for more Serenity.
Even though I enjoyed Serenity, Spike will always be my # 1 Jossverse character. And as we all know...WAWASM!
Uh huh. Care to share your email, exoticmushroom? Mine's in my profile.
So's mine. If you wish to e-mail me be my guest.
I'm glad I caught this. I'm going with the time-limit arguement, as I value Spike as much as anybody. Oh, and my e-mail's listed too, if anyone wants to talk to me.
Hello all! This is my first time posting, I'm so happy they finally opened up the registration. So, I voted and I had to go with Spike. As much as I adore FF/Serenity, I can never get enough of my favorite vamp.
cmbackshane, love your username ;)

I didn't really read this very well before I cast my vote... I was in a hurry and I thought it said what project do you want most from Joss. If it's next, then I change my vote to a Spike movie. Well, not on the poll, but here at least.

I agree with who(m?)ever said they want Joss to come back to televison. I loved Serenity but I'd trade it in a heartbeat for a second season of Firefly. I'm sure directing movies is a much better deal for him but, to me, Joss is Joss and I'd rather have 16.5 hours than 2 hours. IMHO.
I'm kinda torn. I'd love to see Spike at least one last time in a post NFA setting, but as others point out, the Buffy/Angel characters we've had for years and years. With FF/Serenity I still feel there's a need for more to be told because there just hasn't been enough. I'm happy the movie got made and I loved it, but where the show felt cut off prematurely, now the movie feels like an unfinished trilogy.
(Not that the main plot of the movie wasn't rounded up, but... Will Mal and Inara finally be together? Will Book's secret past catch up with the crew? How will River develop now? Will the Alliance still hunt them? For all these questions: wonder forever! You know what I mean)

Hey, I'll go see Wonder Woman and Goners, but the first is a character I never cared much for and the second I hardly know anything about. Enthusiasm for that will come most likely afterwards, hehe.
I'm hoping all three of these wonderful projects will happen in the next 5 years. I would hope the Spike project would come first given time limits (that's the one I voted for). Next, I think WW will happen. Lastly our sequel will be made because everyone has fell in love with the Firefly and Serenity DVDs, but it will take time for the fandom to grow. I would love to see a new TV series thrown into the mix too...a spin off of our beloved Buffyverse or Firefly or something new! The possibilites are endless! Plus as SNT said, many more interesting and intellegent new projects by our hero would be great. I want to fall in love again.
I really want my Spike movie.

I thought Serenity was good, but I never got caught up in the Firefly universe.

I understand a lot of people are and I hope you get more, but I agree that the fandom would benefit from more time to grow.
A very limited poll. I myself would have gone most of all for Goners, or anything else brand new out of Joss's brain. New Joss worlds and characters is what would excite me most.

Other than that, I also would have loved Ripper, of all the Buffyverse projects previously mooted, but I'm looking forward to that announcement Joss has promised us all: whatever the project is he's got in mind, it sounded to me as though it wasn't simply going to be a Spike movie.

Like others here, the only reason I've got interested in the Wonder Woman movie at all is because of Joss's involvement. Having said that, I'm sure that if he is given enough freedom and control on it, it will be something special, so I am really looking forward to it.

The real answer, though, to what I'd really like for a new Joss project is a new TV series, giving me more Joss creations to look forward to every week.
GVH, I do see your point, however I've been hearing about WW all my life. It's such an established convention that it just isn't Jossverse to me.

Well, the thing is, all those different Superhero outings, I don't tend to view them as the same Universe. Take Superman, for instance. The movies, the comics, cartoons, Lois & Clarke, Smallville...all these feature the same character, but I'd say they're all seperate things. Same thing with Wonder Woman. There's comics (which I'm only fleetingly familiar with, because I always read Marvel), there's a tv-show (which I never saw) and now there's going to be a movie. Same character, different thing. And this time it's Joss doing the work, so I'm there.

I'm sure he'll make it very cool, as my faith in the man is unwavering. I just have no rabid need to see it as I would one of his original works.

Well, on the one hand I agree with that, but on the other hand, I'd say that WW also has a big chance of being the thing that pushes Joss as a writer/director into mainstream consciousness in the US, which would be great and I'd like to help by going to see the movie. But what's more, I think he'll make a great movie out of it and as we near the release date I'll probably get more and more excited about it.


Aw, I'm sure you'll go out to see it in the theatre once it's actually upon us :-)

(Hmm, my posts tend to be on the long end of the spectrum of late...)
UnpluggedCrazy writes:
> I chose more Serenity.
> Much as I love Spike, I got seven seasons of him on Buffy, and one on Angel. That's eight seasons. I got Mal's bunch'a ruffians for, oh, 17 hours.

I haven't read through all the comments, but in case nobody's pointed this out, that's not as fair as it might seem at first glance. (And where can I get the Seasons 1 & 3 of Buffy that's full of Spike? I got the standard Spike-free except for Lover's Walk versions.) That means that as long as there's more Spike than Serenity, going by my Only Six Seasons of Spike versions of BtVS and AtS, there can be no Spike movie until the Serenity crew catches up. The fastest way is for Firefly to come back as a series, in which case something with Spike can finally be filmed after five and a half seasons, or 2011 at the earliest. By that time James Marsters will be pushing 49, and that's still later than his "No Later Than This" date of 2009. But if Joss only does Serenity movies, assuming each movie is the length of two episodes, that means that no Spike footage can be shot until after Joss finishes with Serenity 59, which, if he films at the breakneck speed (for film) of one movie per year, will be in the year 2065, at which point a 103 year old James might be starting to show his age, and at age 101, Joss might not be able to take as active a role in its production as he might have once been able to.
deanna b, there's no faulting your math there. But I think the general feeling of that statement (correct me if I'm wrong, UnpluggedCrazy) would be that there's not been a whole lot of stuff in the Serenity 'verse, whereas we got a whole bunch of Spike on both Buffy and Angel, regardless of the exact figures or hours logged.

Now there's no debate that there could be more stories about Spike (or any other Buffyverse character) worth telling and the same goes for the crew of Serenity. If you're a Spike-fan, I can imagine you would want to see more Spike as soon as possible (considering the whole aging thing) and that's completely fair. If you like the Buffy/Angel and Firefly/Serenity 'verses pretty much equally, I might imagine you'd want to see more of what you feel has been done less. And that's Firefly/Serenity, hands down.
Slightly off topic
My friends J & P rented Serenity - J loved it, P didn't like Mal at all and went to bed part way through. I loaned them my Firefly set plus Serenity and asked them to watch the first episode. They called me a few days later lamenting (lamenting!!) that they only had three episodes left. This is so good! Why was it cancelled! P is now looking forward to seeing Serenity.

My vote was for more Serenity.
Now that is much more like it!

Current poll result, as of 4pm (UK time):

Serenity - 51%
Spike - 42%
Wonder Woman - 7%

Much more evenly balanced between the top two! Much happier now! I am soooo easily pleased. Small things, small minds and all that!

Everybody, feel free to disagree with that last comment! :D
Just thought i'd add a final update before this thread is lost forever in the Whedonesque archives.

The current poll result, as of 12.30pm (UK time):

Serenity - 48%
Spike - 46%
Wonder Woman - 6%

It will most likely slightly change again before Sci Fi Wire put up a new poll but i would imagine that most of the votes are in now (22,383 at the time of this post).

Very nice to see it end up so evenly balanced between both of the "real" Joss Whedon projects and a clear sign that we much prefer him creating his own characters and universes to playing about with the creations of others.
Not sure if that last conclusion is true, there. We know and love Joss' existing 'verses, so there's bound to be more interest in those at the moment. When WW has actually hit theatres, and we do one of these polls again (only now with WW2 as an option) the results might be different. What's more, if the third option had been Goners (an original work) instead of WW I think we'd have seen similar results (or maybe even lower percentages for Goners because WW has more name recognition).
Personally, i don't think his non-original projects will ever spark the same interest in the fanbase as those he creates himself. You only need look at the threads here at Whedonesque to see that. The average Astonishing X-Men update will get substantially less comments than news of anything Buffy, Angel or Serenity based.

Same goes for Wonder Woman. We show an interest and most of us will more than likely go and watch the movie out of loyalty to Joss. We will even, more than likely, thoroughly enjoy it, because Joss rarely lets us done. However the excitement factor just isn't the same.

Truthfully, in my experience, most of the Wonder Woman threads here have mostly been filled with speculation about who the actress will be to fill the central role, and that has generally led back to which Whedonverse actress will be most suitable. Why? Because that is the real place our interest lies.

I do agree that Goners would have resulted in a different result, because that is a Joss Whedon original idea, and therefore just as important as Buffy or Serenity. Wonder Woman just does not inspire that level of commitment in most of the fanbase. We will probably all go and watch, we will no doubt enjoy, but for the majority of Whedon fans, as proved by this very thread, it will be more out of loyalty than real enthusiasm.

Going back to the poll, i may have been wrong about the majority of the voting being over. In the last ninety minutes the vote count hs gone up to 22,827. An increase of 444. Given that the average Sci Fi Wire poll gets around 10,000 votes at the very most, usually a lot less than that, i'd say that there are a lot of busy Browncoats and Spike Acolytes attempting to tip the scales in favour of their personal heroes.

Joss Whedon sure knows how to bring out the dedication in his fanbase, lol!
I still don't agree :-).

Wonder Woman just does not inspire that level of commitment in most of the fanbase. We will probably all go and watch, we will no doubt enjoy, but for the majority of Whedon fans, as proved by this very thread, it will be more out of loyalty than real enthusiasm.

Well, I for one am looking forward to what Joss does with this movie. It is going to be a Joss-movie, something he wrote and directed, so it'll very much be his. That there's not the same amount of interest yet doesn't surprise me. Firefly/Serenity, Buffy and Angel all have established fandoms which took time to get together. Just look at what happened with Firefly: the fandom for the show was relatively tiny in the beginning, whereas online Buffy/Angel fandom was huge.

By your reasoning I could've stated back then: "well, this just proofs that the fanbase is not interested in what Joss does outside of the Buffyverse. Sure, they'll watch it, but more out of loyalty than real enthusiasm." And heck, that might even have been correct for some people. But then, the fandom grew and a few years and one big damn movie later, the Firefly/Serenity threads here on the black don't get any less attention than the Buffyverse ones, even though there's still some people with obvious preference for one 'verse over the other.

Obviously interest in Wonder Woman is going to be low now. There's people here who don't like the 'franchise' (and I use the word loosely) or who have no particular like or dislike for it going in (like me, and like Joss himself as well, I believe). There has been no news apart from 'Joss is working on it'. No pictures, no plot details, no trailers, nothing. So there is nothing to get excited about apart from casting speculation and the like.

And as for Astonishing X-men (which I love to bits), that's a comic. And comics get less love than other type of projects, period. Also: Astonishing is less of an original Joss product than WW will be. It's set in the regular marvel universe, where WW will simply be based on an excisting idea, nothing more.

And as for Goners: you don't see much interest in that right now either, and that's a complete Joss original. There's some people looking forward to it (I know I am), but the numbers probably won't be much different from WW.

And in closing: heh, we're probably the only two people left reading this thread ;-)
Thanks for the heads-up on the poll, even though I'm late to the party. More Spike, now, please!
The poll has gone now. I believe it was tied at 47% each. Sounds good.

Poor old WW. Awwww.
I think individual fans who voted numerous times have spoilt it for the rest of the Jossverse who don't identify themselves so strongly with Spike or Serenity. It's appalling behaviour.
Simon Why? I mean it's not a unique occurance is it.
Not really the same thing, GVH. At the end of the day, Firefly was a Joss creation and even though it did start off with a smaller fanbase that Buffy and Angel (which goes without saying, given that those two shows had been around a long time by that point) it always had the potential to be another hit series, given time.

Goners isn't getting much attention simply because we haven't got all that much information to pay attention to. Once the details start to come to light then i think it will a very different story, because we will want to know exactly what has been forming in Joss' head. What new fantasy he has created for us.

However, Wonder Woman, quite simply is not Joss' own work. No matter what he does with the movie he is still going to be restricted by the source material and the expectations of the owners of the character and the fans that are going to want some kind of recognisable story for their character's first major movie. Joss has no doubt been given a certain amount of freedom but i'm sure he is aware that the fans of the comic series will be the core audience and they need to be kept happy. I'm certain he will push the boundaries of expectations to the limit but he will still have restrictions. No getting away from that.

I guess we will just have to wait and see which of us is right but i'll bet a week's wages that Wonder Woman does not bring Joss the kind of success that he has seen with Buffy, Angel or Firefly.

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