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January 09 2006

Why "Four Kings" is worth watching. Entertainment Weekly lists Four Kings starring Seth Green as one of the ten midseason shows worth watching. They also lists Dick Wolf's upcoming Law & Order offshoot Conviction, starring J. August Richards, as one of The Best of the Rest. the aftermath of the whole Adios, 'Firefly' it safe once more to post EW links? *prays*

I've bumped your JAR info onto the subject line so people can see it.
No, Four Kings isn't worth watching. At all. I want my 9 minutes back.
LOL, tinktanker. I gave it a shot. Seth Green is worth watching, but even his particular character is not. I really hope this one gets the Five-Episodes-Or-Less treatment. Sadly, on NBC, that's hardly going to happen.
Oh, I'm not yet commited to hating it. The pilot episode wasn't great, but, frankly, neither were the first few episodes of HIMYM. I've got confidence in Seth. He's a funny little man.
I'm going to give it another chance. It wasn't super, but I think it might build in time.

Septimus: And he can apparently fit in a dryer! Amusing Seth factoid of the day!
And he can apparently fit in a dryer!

Tell me about it! If I had a cancelled Fox TV series for every time I've found Seth Green hanging out in my dryer...
You know, the real death knell for me was this week's commercial pimping it as "From the minds that brought you Will & Grace." Um, no. Not a selling point. Sorry.
I watched it and, although it wasn't a classic, I think that it can improve and get into it's own formula. The highlight was definitely Seth Green - I do love him, from how he delivers his lines to how short he is standing next to those three other guys!

And as for being from the same creators of Will and Grace? For me, that was one of the reasons I wanted to check it out. I thought, "Will it be like season 1-4 Will and Grace or the more recent seasons, because if it's similar and as smart as the first few seasons, it might not be that bad." Well, I wasn't 100% right, but I don't think I was completely wrong either. I think I'll give it a couple more shots before I make up my mind.
Frankly, i found "Four Kings" to be fairly laugh free. I do love me some Seth Green, and I actually like the idea of these four guys who have stayed friends even though as adults they aren't really guys who would gravitate toward each other -- like siblings. But, yowsa that was bad. Ironically, last week's episode of "Will and Grace" was fairly brilliant -- funniest show they've coughed up in several years. I'd have been happy had they saved some of the funny for "Four Kings" . . .

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