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January 09 2006

Joss talks Serenity to Empire. A slightly inaccurate first paragraph (where they harp back about EW's article that just won't die) leads to... quotes! From Jewel Staite's adopted husband comes wordage.

Excellent article. He's saying what we all knew was true, our crew will return in some form.
Some people also said that you can't call an action movie 'Serenity'...What was I going to call it? 'Big Smash Bang With Boobies'? Which was, of course my second choice.

New marketing strategy! Re-release the movie with this new title!
Excellent article. He's saying what we all knew was true, our crew will return in some form.

Not really. I think there's a 'may' or 'hopefully' in there somewhere. That said, I'm pleased Joss would be up for a small screen/DVD premiere option.

Interesting factoid - Universal's 'Band Camp' DVD premiere got 1.4 million purchases in the first week (about $14m worth). I think there may be mileage in a DVD premiere or Sci-Fi option, assuming the sets could be reessembled cheaply and the cast are on contract or want to do it.

Anyway, speculation speculation - but we'll see what happens. Whatever the case, two books and comics are on the way as far as I know. The Serenity website will hopefully be relaunching this week at some point, also.
'Big Smash Bang With Boobies'

I like it! It has a certain ring about it...or maybe that's just the boobies talking?
"Big Smash Bang, Now with Talking Boobies" -- it's either anime...or the new title for Wonder Woman.

I've been calling Joss for a sequel, but he never picks up...

And it seems I missed boobies again...*sigh*
Are there really plans for "Ocean's 13"????
Please, please mother of all that is holy...let it not be true.
No puede ser!!

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Ocean's 13. Yuck. I dunno I guess I am confused, in one interview, no mention of TV series, in this one, Joss says he would love to have a tv series. Am I the only thats thoroughly confused?
I think he just wants to keep his options open. And besides, Joss has never been what I would call a "stick to my original statement come hell or high water" kind of guy. He will always weigh the opportunities and take what feels right, even if he said it would never happen. I think seeing it on TV would be great, but I loved the big scale feel of the movie. I want the other two movies first.....I can dream.... and chain myself to the hood of the Uni execs car if need be!
FWIW, I just had a co-worker stop by and tell me he rented "Serenity" this past weekend and he really liked it! I am bringing in my loaner set of Firefly for him tomorrow.

(Nyah hah hahhh, perhaps another convert in the making!)

Oh, and, if Joss writes it, I'll be there, no matter how or where.
I think there's still a chance that there could be a sequal. Even if they wanted to do one right away Joss has 2 movies in the works. They couldn't get around to doing it for couple of years anyways, unless Minear is set for possible sequel. I think Universal will keep an eye on how Joss' next movie works out and possibly make a decision after that.
'Big Smash Bang With Boobies'

Wait, wasn't that the title on the international posters?

On edit: Yeah, I knew I had seen it somewhere.

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Universal HAVE Joss' next movie, delirium (well, it'll either be 2006 or 2007ish anyway). (Goners. Or whatever it ends up titled as. I'm hoping for "Bang Smash Bang with Boobies and The Human Experience and Supernatural Adventure").

Joss has 2 movies in the works? I think that's probably news to him. Certainly, he's probably get enough ideas for 2 more movies, but I don't think they're in the works really.
Joss has 2 movies in the works? I think that's probably news to him.

I'm assuming what's meant is Goners and Wonder Woman.
Hey! I'm a muppet called Gossi! I float and dance... Weee.
More classic Joss quotes, fanastic!

I find it hard to believe that Joss has given up hope of a sequel already considering he hadn't ruled it out in the run up to the DVD sales, and said they would be a deciding factor, and we have seen since then that they have been solid so I doubt it has been definitely ruled out.
Razor, nergh... I wouldn't judge the sales so far as solid. It's selling, but for a sequel it would need to explode on DVD.
I think it's too early for him to be all gung ho about a sequel. So I don't expect to read these interviews and have him come out and say "I will not rest until I get to make more Serenity of some kind."

What I think will happen is he'll do Wonder Woman, Goners, write some more comics, maybe the Spike tv movie thing and let Serenity/Firefly percolate. In a few years the market ought to be right for a seuqel or a direct to DVD movie or whatever to actually happen. And by that I just mean the movie and the show will have spread by word of mouth to enough folks so our little cult movie will have a larger cult following, if only slightly so.

I mean there are movies like Donnie Darko, Blade Runner, and Pitch Black that all had small fan bases and their certainly weren't blockbusters. Now I can't swing a cat without hitting someone that hasn't at least heard of them.
Yes, but can you swing a cat without hitting someone who hasn't heard of Firefly or Serenity? That's the question.
Amazingly enough, yes you can. Although I wouldn't recommend it. But sadly, there are still people out there that have no idea what Firefly or Serenity are. Hell, I met a Firefly fan who, for one reason or another, managed to completely miss it in theatres. I really should've given him a serious glare or something.
No not yet, but in three years maybe. Which was my point. By the time He's done with Wonder Woman and Goners, I will be able to swing cats o plenty.

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If there is a sequel I think River should use specially trained combat cats instead of axes. Given how mine used to hate being picked up I think all this swinging would turn it into a ball of clawy death.
"...a ball of clawy death."

My cat used to rip your arm off if you tried to pick her up. I put her in a room with a trained house cat for 2 days - she came out a reformed moggy. Never a scratch again.
Gossi: This is a cat I had when I was younger so she's sadly beyond any behavioural training. I have a feeling tho' that if she went in that room for two days someone would be picking trained house cat out of the carpet for months. She had definite anger management issues (for which read 'was as mad as a bag of spanners') and was semi-feral to boot.
Yeah, my cat is feral. She was utterly MENTAL when I got her.
I'm not sure how "Ocean's 13" made its way into this discussion, but I'd be all for it. 11 was a great film and 12 was a very odd sequel, but fitting. I doubt 13 is really in the pipeline, but I'd be all for it.

Of course, I'd take "Serenity 2: The Backstory of Book" over any more Ocean's movies any day of the week.
"I'd take "Serenity 2: The Backstory of Book" over any more Ocean's movies any day of the week"

Who wouldnt! I always craved a backstory, as he had alot we didnt know and he required one(as did Inara). I really hate Fox. I wouldve loved to see it all unfold.
I'm still curious as to why a respectable companion would leave the big city. I want to know what she was running from.

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