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January 09 2006

2005 Nebula Awards: "Serenity" Best Screenplay? The preliminary ballot for the 2005 Nebula Awards was posted and guess what's in the running for best screenplay?

The Nebula Award is voted on by members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and is, beside the Hugo, the highest honor the science fiction community offers. This is a good thing.

That's really great news.
Wait. There's only two nominees, and one of them has its eligibility under question? So, er, our odds are pretty good? (ending on an up-inflection, Scot/Aussie/Valley like) ;-)

Yay Joss! Yay Serenity! :-)
Excellent news ! I reckon it's got to have a reasonable chance as well thinking back over last years scripts (tho' they don't seem to have a separate short form category so presumably Serenity will be up against stuff like Battlestar Galactica, Stargate etc.).

Maybe not huge to the world at large but in sci-fi circles the Nebulas are pretty big fish.
Well, it looks like Serenity's victory here is assured. Huzzah!
The Old Negro Space Program? Wtf? :-)

It seems like Serenity has a pretty good chance to win this, yes.
I think the nominations we can see are only those where the scripts are available for public consumption. Private Nebula jurists can see other scripts which haven't been published (yet) e.g. sci-fi TV shows.

Or maybe not. If i'm wrong i'm off to the bookies to see if I can get odds on Nebula awards ;)

(the points, if any, where my intonation rose are left as an exercise for the reader).
I don't know about y'all, but I thought the "Old Negro Space Program" was hilarious!
The "Sullivan Carew" letter? Come on! Didn't any of you see Ken Burns "The Civil Wars"??
(If you didn't see this little film, go to iFilm and check it out.)
Aside from the genius of this little short, I think Serenity will win.
Old Negro Space Program was great and AmazonGirl is right, that letter is fantastic. Though I always wonder how he posted it...

But Go Serenity! Yay us!
So, can I bestow the awards on Serenity already???
What struck me is that the awards isn't looking at other Sci-fi movies, like "The Island", the latest Harry Potter movie or "Revenge of the Sith". Out of courtesy, they should be nominated. I still hope Serenity would win, though.

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