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January 09 2006

Guest role on Veronica Mars nixed. Those hoping for James Marsters or Andy Hallett to appear on Veronica Mars as a result of last week's TV Guide poll will be disappointed to hear that it won't happen. Rob Thomas told Mike Ausiello that he's "$100,000 over budget on that episode and we're losing the role."

Bugger, either of them would've made a fine addition to the show and would've gotten us hoping for Charisma or Aly interaction. Oh well, hopefully he'll keep the list in mind for future guest role castage.
This is good news.

Veronica Mars deserves to be not in Buffy's shadow. Carting out the cast & crew works to its detriment as a potential crossover show.
News to me that there was even a guest opening. Bad on me. I'd take this as disappointing news, though. While I agree VM deserves not to be in Buffy's shadow, I don't think have 'verse gueststars automatically puts it in the 'verse's shadow. The cast that has guested so far has been done in a very tasteful way. It hasn't been done as a "look Buffy stars on Veronica Mars" way. In fact, watching I often forget Aly, Charisma, etc are from Buffy which is surprising in itself, but it also goes to show, I think, that they were right for the role and I have no doubt this would have been the case with this situation.
Damn that Bell diva, asking for a huge raise like that!!
GaveUp, I've got to disagree with you on your "look Buffy stars on Veronica Mars" comment.

To me, that's exactly what it looks like. I would imagine that, flattering as it was - initially - to be compared with Buffy, Rob could be getting a bit tired of it?
After the last episode, I hope Rob Thomas concentrates on getting the season back on its feet rather than trying to rope in viewers with guest stars. It's a mistake, anyway...Andy Hallett et al caters to the crowd that's already been watching. Much as I adore him, I'd rather Veronica Mars became an intelligent show again.
Hmm. I liked the last episode...

To split the difference of what some have said, I've felt like Aly's casting was kind of a stunt (maybe due to the way it was promoted) but I've felt like Charisma fits right in to the show and the character, to me her casting doesn't call attention to itself at all.
I don't think its a problem. Those who've never seen Buffy aren't going to know that the guest stars are from that show and those Buffy fans who do watch VM will likely appreciate the nod to their beloved program. I just want to see my favorite 'verse actors working, preferably on a good show, which VM is rumored to be.
Well, I'm not as concerned about Buffy stars starring or not starring. I'm more disappointed to hear that because of stupid budget concerns they have to throw a role and idea completely out. To put it frankly, that just sucks.
Oh, thank god!
Those who've never seen Buffy aren't going to know that the guest stars are from that show and those Buffy fans who do watch VM will likely appreciate the nod to their beloved program.

That was my thought too. I guess there will be some Buffy fans who don't want to see Buffy actors on VM for fear they're 'taking over' the show or something, but I'd say the response overall to AH and CC(and even Joss' cameo) has been positive from Buffy fans.
Man if some of you think VM is over using verse actors, is Alias, Lost, and Smallville overusing Verse writers. What about Bones, heck besides David Boreanaz, you have TJ Thyne who played a lawyer in Angel Season 5, not to mention having the girl that played Nikki Woods and Forrest so far and this is just their first season. I don't hear anyone complaining about that over use, or does it just apply to former main cast members that you have a issue with working with other main cast members.

We all know the Bones creator was a fan of Angel and he has no problem going to the well of the verse for talent. By saying they have to many verse guest the question becomes why do you think that, cause OMG there will be a Buffy shadow over them. I hate to tell you VM was being compared to Buffy long before the first appearance from anyone in the verse.

Joss and crew tend to hire talented mutliverse individuals and if another creator happens to notice that talent then why not use it. For a fear of a stigma from a show you probably have already been compared with, I would just go with the adage if it works don't fix it. These people from the verse have chemistry and comfortablity with each other on screen, use that to your advantage, because it can be hard to come by in Hollywood. These people are more than characters to they played in the verse, if they can play the part then let them do it, your baisis is showing, if you can only see them as coming from the verse instead of the talented actors or writers they are.
RavenU, I think that the reason it is being percieved that VM is "over-using" verse actors because of the shows premise and how (though I don't know exactly) it is being compared as to being "the next buffy." And I don't know about all, but I initially started watching because of Charisma and ALy, but since it's such a good show, I would hate for the show to be hiding in the shadow of buffy/only getting recognition because of the guest stars, etc...I think it's important for the show to stand on it's own two feet, and that's the only reason why I'm glad another guest star from the verse isn't on the list of things to do.
Geez,guys,this role was a one-shot role of someone playing one of the VM characters in a movie. It was no biggie. Hardly going to affect the fate of VM one way or the other. The poll for who should get the role was just a kind of popularity or publicity thing. I'm thrilled to pieces that 2 of the Whedonverse actors were thought of.
The show is standing on it's own MySerenity, how is it not, standing on it's own.

Aly and Charisma have done nothing but what they were hired for, they may have brought a few viewers to the show, but they by no means kept them there. The show VM keeps people coming back because it is standing on its own, with it's own writers, directors, and cast, not because a few verse actors may show up once in a while and say a few lines. If that was the case then you'd be right it would be pretending to be Buffy, but it's not, it's Veronica and casting the entire verse of actors in the show wouldn't change that.

Any time you have a female lead playing a girl in high school - you will have the comparisons to Buffy. I don't see how it has any overall impact on the show, heck even Supernatural was compared with Buffy because of the whole supermatural premise and they had Amy Acker as a guest star there, did it make an impact or change the show so much that it mattered, nope.

So why should having verse actors on VM, what if he added actors in guest starring roles from LA Law or Just Shoot Me, would you feel the same way, cause it would be the same thing.
I started watching VM last year because it sounded good. I was wrong. It was excellent. AH as Trina worked last year but for some reason this year she is jarring to me. Can't put my finger on it but there you go.

CC's character is just deliciously self-centre and gold-digging. She's doing a great job with it. I'm not saying they didn't do a good job, but there was too much focus on "Oh look it's Willow and Cordy".

As a fan of both VM and Btvs I cringed when AH and CC shared a scene. It was too knowing. Even if you had never watched Btvs all the pre-publicity would have clued you in.

I long, and I mean loooooong, for JM and DB to work together again. I would sacrifice goats and family members for them to be on screen together again. But I feel it's just too soon. If JM showed up on Bones, which I don't for one minute think he will, I'd love it but quite possibly also cringe like I did with the AH/CC scene. At this point in time I think it is too soon and too gimmicky. IMO. Although maybe it wouldn't be as bad as DB's charatcer is a regular and not a recurring like AH and CC's are.

RavenU To answer your question, yes, it is only the main cast that I hold this opinion on. The actress who played Nikki and the actor who played Forrest were never on Ats for a start. And the actor who plays Hodgins (who I'm really warming too after the Christmas episode, guess why) was in two episodes of Ats as a very minor character. And only one of those scene was with DB. The other was with AA iirc.

So, like I said, it's the front and centre main cast actors I mean when I have reservations.

I am fully aware that the Btvs comparisons reach back to before VM started airing. And I'll bet if you ask KB she'll say it's cool, but would probably prefer it if people let the show stand on it's own two feet and stop comparing it to Btvs. I know I'd prefer it.

Berry Always the voice of reason. :0)
Yay, we'll have a new episode in a week. Waiting for Veronica has been hard. Just like the good 'ol days of Angel and BtVS.
I've never seen the show. Well I watched maybe less than 10 minutes of it, she was sitting in a car with a camera and a dog or something and she argued with a gang leader or something. I don't remember it was a while ago, and it didn't interest me or seem all that great.

All of these appearances by Buffy alumi certainly has be intrigued, maybe enough to give it a shot, not enough to keep me watching the show if I decide I don't like it.

However what I will say is this, if they have a Buffy actor or acrtess for a part that makes sense, and they play it well then I don't care. (James Marsters in Smallville was a good example of how this can work... though I'm still a bit irked at their representation of Brianiac.) If they have an actor there for the purpose of saying "Hey look who the guest star is this week." then that would brother me.
I wasn't trying to put the show down, RavenU. The only reason I mentioned a "buffy connection" is because thats what critics say. I do agree with the points exoticmushroom was making with the "Cordy and Willow" Episode. I don't want it coming down to every time the writers don't know what to do, they try to get people interested by bringing in cast members for old shows (for the sake of bringing in other fans). I'm not sure if that made sense because I am quite tired, but oh well. And by "not standing on it;s own feet" I meant the ratings being based upon who guest-stars.
In the end, the only way we get more episodes of quality TV like Veronica Mars is to get people watching. Buffy fans are prime candidates to like VM, 'cause it has snappy writing and characters you can feel for. James Marsters would bring over a bunch of the Spike lovers who've never seen the show....and then they'll be hopelessly hooked on it. I say more power to Rob for hiring excellent talent like our Whedonesque casts.

I personally think he should take a long look at our Big Damn Heroes. Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite, Adam Baldwin...They'd all look quite nice as guest stars in Neptune....

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Here's hoping we see both Andy and James in something else, soon. As far as Veronica Mars goes, whenever it's on, I'M THERE.
It's an interesting bit of news about how TV is made. First off, what costs so much that you spend $100,000 over budget on one episode alone?! Then, it's interesting to see an example of how money concerns forces a change in the story. "No money for a role? OK, we have to change the script." It made me go back and reread this link and this to see some of the things Tim Minear said about how to write for TV. *shakes head* Not easy!
Well I'm a little bummed.

I love loooove VM and so far haven't found the Buffyverse actors' presences to be distracting at all. They both seem to fit quite smoothly into their roles, especially CC, and I find the show itself to be strong enough that I don't even think of the Buffy characters at all while I'm watching them on VM. (And I just kind of giggled a lot when Joss was on. )

I also adore James and would love, more than anything, to see him in a quality production again. Smallville is fun, but I'd really like to see him in something that he can really sink his chops into. And that a lot of people will see!
... Then again VM's ratings aren't anywhere where they should be, so it wouldn't be much help there anyway.
It's upsetting to me, too, how much budget constraints are shaping VM. They can't even afford all of the regular cast for the whole season, necessitating character disappearances (Wallace!). There's got to be a better way to finance and distribute quality shows than the networks.
They can't even afford all of the regular cast for the whole season, necessitating character disappearances (Wallace!).

Good point! I'd read at the beginning of the season that due to budget they would not be able to have as many Weevil appearances as they wanted, either. :-(
billz, the dollar figures boggle the mind, don't they? In DB's director commentary on the Angel ep "Soul Purpose", they mention that they paid around $85,000 just for the Selminth(?) -- you know, that dream-inducing, giant-tick-looking-thing that was in the box that Eve was holding. What a racket!

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