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January 09 2006

UK Serenity DVD Cover. has a new picture of the UK Serenity DVD.

It's quite similar to the Australian DVD but a bit different. No llamas or zombies to be seen thank god!

Yep, I actually kinda like this cover. It wouldn't be my first choice, but it works fine. It's a lot easier on the eye than the R1 cover and it has the added bonus of already being a well-known image which will hopefully help it stand out. I also like that they used reviewquotes on the cover..what are those? Daily Mirror and Hotdog? I don't even know the last one, but I guess it's pretty well known in the UK. I'd have used a Jonathan Ross quote or something from Total Film or Empire, but that's probably just personal.
so. darn. snazzy. *sigh* Why can't R1 be pretty like that?
Serenity is also now showing up on (it wasn't last time I looked). Same price of 13.99 but with free postage.
For those wanting replacement covers, keep this thread in mind. There have been a couple of other great ones besides those in this thread, such as The Dark Shape's cover. Do some searches in the archives here for more info. I am using 11th Hour's :)
"Fantastic non-stop action adventure". Makes me want to list all the times the action adventure stops. But I won't. I'm just jealous. Even though I have 11th hour's version gracing my DVD cover.
GVH: Hotdog is one of the bigger UK film mags tho' probably not (to me at least) in the top tier.

Maybe Jonathan Ross will be quoted on the back. Given the sway he has and how he raved over the film it seems daft not to use him. Not a bad cover, pretty much in keeping with the UK marketing. I prefer 'They aim to misbehave' as a tag compared to some confused stuff about '6 rebels, err, plus another rebel, plus some passengers'.
Ah, another film mag, thanks Saje. I read both Empire and Total Film and didn't realise there was room for even more filmmags in the UK. Heh. Might check it out sometime, then.
I met the journo who reviewed Serenity for Hotdog in London and in Edinburgh - she's a Firefly fan who helped push the film quite a bit here.
I mean it's fine, but where's the ship?
Well, she's not shooting lasers, which is um, nice.
Was about to say the same thing, Danica. I immediately covered up my cover as previously mentioned. Now to settle in and wait for the R4 disc :P At least Look Around You Series Two will be out soon to distract me.
The blue sky helps make it a little less Mad Maxine Beyond Thunderdome than the international posters were.

A little.

At least the giant space blancmange is still there behind them all, though they appeared to have Photoshopped it into something closer to an explosion.

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Serenity is also now showing up on (it wasn't last time I looked). Same price of 13.99 but with free postage.

I just noticed they're selling Serenity movie cells there too. Has that already been posted here?
zeitgeist - thanks for the artwork DVD, dude. I keep forgetting about it and leaving it at work so not had a chance to play yet - but I thinks I'll be doin' some Photoshopping soon!
Quite nice, definitely better than the R1 art, though I think that looks a lot better when your're actually holding it than pictures online looked..

That film cell on Play looks pretty cool, a bit pricey for me to order one straight away though.
So I have to buy something with the words "Daily Mirror" on it? Eww...
Not bad. is gooood, it delivers with free shipping in various countries (Italy included). Do we have a thread updated with best buy? Can we have one? :)
Ehn. Honestly, I like ours better. And I don't like ours at all.

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