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January 09 2006

The Flanvention II announces first guest and dates. Nathan Fillion will be returning to the Flanvention, happening Dec 8-10, 2006 at the Burbank Hilton. Tickets onsale soon.

Here's hoping I'll manage to attend more than the photo-calls (and what did happen to that picture of me and Morena anyway? Must look into that . . .) and one panel discussion, incredible though it was, this next time. But, yep, if I'm here, I'm there. :)
I sadly missed the first one, but I'll have plenty of time to save the money for Flan 2!! I hope they can get the whole cast to come.
I also missed the first one, because by the time I found out about it, tickets were sold out. I'm definately getting tickets for it this year, maybe a dinner with a cast member if I can afford it.
I am so there!
I missed out on it too, heard about it too late. Hopefully this time though I'll be able to attend. Just have to plan a little head.

Edited to add, I've never been to a con before, what should I expect?

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Goto the site in their community fourms area you can what to expect by reading the first Flanvention thread.
No way can I get to California at that time of year...

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