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March 04 2003

(SPOILER) Casting rumour for BtVS character. is reporting that ME has cast Nathan Fillion as the fallen preacher Caleb for the final five episodes of Buffy. If this is true, woo hoo!

I hope this is true! Fillion delivers Whedon-dialogue so well; it'd be great to see him enter the Buffy-verse, even as a bad.
Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen him play true evil. I'm totally charged to see it, if this is true.
anyone got a picture of him?
Makes sense. Aren't there plans for a Firefly alumnus to make a special guest appearance on Angel, also?
Yes there are, Zachsmind.
... It's all connected.

This sounds exciting, hope it's true - and it will be interesting to see if Nathan can pull off evil. Lots of people seemed to hope it would be Adam Baldwin, so I like the fact that they're going against type casting.

Try not to put spoiler information in the descriptions, please.
I hope it is true. I've seen various rumours saying it would be Kelly Donovan (Nick Brendon's twin brother) or James Marsters with his hair dyed black and last but not least the American rapper Sisquo.
Sorry, Prolific! My excitement got the best of me there...
No prob, oodja, happens to us all!
Oh. My. God. That would be just TOO awesome. And who'da though Mal & Zoe would turn out evil?!?!? Do ya think Wash knows about this?
Oh, please, Cod, let this be true. I couldn't deal with it being Sisqo. :chants: Let it be Mal.. Let it be Mal...
Wasn't sure where to post this, as I'm new, but I got this from my entertainment news yesterday -
"NBC: In the comedy pilot Alligator Point (Paramount Network TV/Grammnet Prods), Nathan Fillion has been cast in the lead."

And this today -
"In the untitled Danny Glover private eye drama pilot, joining that cast is D.B. Woodside in the role of Glover's son."

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