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January 09 2006

Jake in Progress has its season premiere tonight. One wonders if its better now with Jane Espenson on board? If so hopefully it won't pull a Tru.

I'm sure I'll be killed for this, but, I've never really cared much for Jane Espenson's writing (at least on 'Buffy'). A lot of her humor seems 'forced' to me. :/
Daburcor, I'm not sure you'll be killed - that is, I hope you won't be. But I am surprised. I've honestly never heard such a general complaint about Jane's writing. That some of her individual episodes aren't the greatest (which frankly can be said about any of the team), sure. I don't care for "Gingerbread" at all, for example. But I think her work as a whole is pretty incredible. "Band Candy"? "Earshot"? "Pangs"? "Superstar"? "Checkpoint"? And "Storyteller"? Not too shabby to me.
She has been (and always will be ... I just know) my favorite non-Joss comedic television writer. To each his or her own, of course.
I've never watched 'Jake in Progress' before, but I would certainly give a Jane penned episode a gander. I just want to see this incredibly talented writer catch a break for once, she has had so many shows yanked from under her before she had the chance to shine. I wish the best of luck to her.
I'm actually with Daburcor. I've always felt her writing is overrated. I'm not saying it's bad, but I don't think it's great like so many people think (AICN's Hercules drives me crazy with it).

SNT, you mentioned Gingerbread, which soured me to Jane Espenson big time. It's my least favorite Buffy episode, the whole thing just felt wrong and nasty and not Buffy. When I finished watching it I had to go back and check who wrote it, and I think that was unfortunately my first impression of the name Jane Espenson.

I have enjoyed a lot of her other episodes, but I don't look for her other work, like I do for some of the other writers.
I loved Gingerbread! Xander and Oz coming to the rescue. Buffy's "Did I get him?"
Yeah, 'Gingerbread' wasn't so bad. We got our infamous slang word "MOO". Finally met Willow's mother Sheila (no wonder the poor girl was so mixed up). Watched Amy become a rat. Good quotes, "Hear this Mom. I'm a rebel! I'm a rebellion!" And good scenes such as Joyce tagging along with Buffy's slayage for some mother-daughter bonding. "Good, honey! Kill him!"
I would definitely put Jane as my favourite non-Joss Buffy writer with Earshot probably being my favourite non-Joss episode. That said I'm not likely to try out Jake in Progress just because she's started writing for it (for starters I hate jumping on board in the middle of a show, I like to have seen everything) and I'm not even sure it's on over here so I'd have to use nefarious means to get hold of an episode (not that that stops me with just about everything I watch *ahem*)
I love Jane Espenson. I think she has a great talent for capturing the characters voices and I think her Buffy episodes are usually great, normally quite funny and taking a look at a specific character. I definitely think she will do well although I haven't really caught any of the shows she's been on since Buffy.
I don't think i'll be watching Jake. But, like the above posters, I do love Jane and I think she might very well be the best of the non-Joss Buffy writers.
I had read that the second season of Jake in Progress had some strong improvements... now that I know Jane's involved I'll check it out. Thanks for the post Eddy!
Jane's writing again? Oh my goodness! Excuse me, if I just can not contain my excitement. Jane is one of those few writers I would follow anywhere. And I've really been missing it lately. So good to see she'll have eps on TV again!

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