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January 10 2006

ZOIC's Loni Peristere tells SCI FI Wire there's hope for Serenity 2. Apparently, DVD sales are neck-to-neck with Wedding Crashers.

Loni further expresses that it was expected that Serenity would do well on DVD, and that the ZOIC team loves the characters and story and hopes to do more special effects in the Firefly 'verse. Loni also mentions the easter egg on the Serenity DVD.

(Thanks go to undiesusa for the link).

Well, talk about prising the final nail out of the 'verse coffin lid! :D

Some damn fine news to go to sleep on, and very heartening to read after nursing fears that the 'verse was likely over and done-ish, as least as far as 3D versions were concerned. Coming from such a reputable source close to Joss, I'm both comforted and made more hopeful that if DVD sales can continue building until critical mass is achieved, we'll see our way clear to getting Serenity II (or some happy configuration thereof ) in full-blooded live action on the big or small screen.
Of course, remember that SCIFI is owned by Universal, which has a vested interest in keeping, uh, interest alive when it comes to this property. So of course SCIFI Wire is going to have lots of stuff about Serenity now that the DVD is out.

This story, really, when you get down to it, is nothing more than another member of the cast and crew saying they want to do more. Which is great in and of itself, but doesn't really put us anywhere.

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*stubbornly clings to comforted hopefulness*

There's nothing definite, true. It just sounds more groundedly optimistic (and frankly, I could be pessamistic enough about this for me and a hundred other people, so a little sunshine goes a long way to making that hope feel less desperate). Hard reality may prove different down the road, but for tonight I'll go to my bunk dreaming our beloved boat might just pull off another miracle and fly again.
What's interesting about this little news bit is Loni saying that the DVD is giving Wedding Crashers a run for its money in terms of sales. I wonder how accurate that info is.
Wedding Crashers and Serenity are ranked first and third respectively on Amazon, so it might well be true. Firefly is still at number four,yay!
We can always hope. The DVD does seem to be selling well, my local stores have sold-out 'Serenity' a couple of times since its release. If the movie grows into a cult classic, it could pull in some impressive DVD sales. I've already bought four copies for family and friends.
WooHoo!! Dang, that's some good news. :)

Hope springs eternal...
This is an indication that it might happen again, I'm prepared to be quietly optimistic.
I think Loni is refering to Amazon for the Wedding Crashers data - as far as I know, this week's industry DVD sales charts are due out later today.
Well, though this isn't really any more official than others bits and pieces we've heard before...doesn't it just sound a whole heck of a lot more optimistic?

And when it comes to seeing more of the Serenity crew, I'm really keen on being optimistic.

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Shiny news! Of course, we already knew it needed good sales and that it seemed to be selling well, but just how well the DVDs are selling and that at Zoic has hope is great news.
And thank you, Loni, for the easter-egg directions, because, as previously noted, I can never find those things. :)
Ditto, Maeve, I was hopelessly searching our Whedonesque archives for those directions! I, too, will remain quietly hopeful about the future of Serenity. :)
These sort of articles -- self-serving or otherwise -- do have a way of keeping the fire stoked. I'm definitely seeing my glass getting more half-full.

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Yea, so it does sound like a bit of a spin to keep the interest but when is that a bad thing? I'm going to continue to cling to any hope there is.

But I agree, the exciting news is that the BDM is giving Wedding Crashers, a movie that did some huge box office numbers, a run for it's money. I'm pleased.

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