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January 10 2006

Chiwetel Ejiofor nominated for Rising Star award at this year's Baftas. As the BBC news site points out, "London-born Chiwetel Ejiofor was noted for his performances in Kinky Boots and Serenity". And UK residents aged 18 or over can vote for the award by going to the Rising Star Award website.

Damn straight. Serenity or not, Chiwetel really is one of those actors' actors that seems destined to a career of integrity and not-enough money, so it's nice to see him recognized. Well, nominated to be recognized. That counts as recognition anyway.
Woo! Chiwetel deserves it too. We tend to notice our original BDHs more in Serenity, but he gives a very fine performance and is a great actor. Here's hoping he wins.
I've added a bit to the subject line just in case any fellow Brits want to vote for Chiwetel (it's open to the general public).
Is Kinky Boots going to be out on DVD and available for the consumption of rabid American fans anytime soon? Because since watching Serenity I've developed a soft spot for Chiwetel Ejiofor, and there's just something about a man in drag that makes me... well, I won't get into it here, but let's just say it stems from having watched Rocky Horror Picture Show at a very critical point in developing my sexual personality, shall we?
Here's to hoping Chiwetel takes the award home.

I just watched Melinda and Melinda over the weekend; the man is good in just about anything.
k, voted for him :).
Thank you for the link. Gone and voted.

Also this is a good opportunity to mention his theatre work for those who don’t realise his background. This is from the Guardian film site:

“Equally at home in film and theatre, Chiwetel Ejiofor (Chewy to his friends) has been acting since the age of 13. He went from school plays, via the National Youth Theatre, to a scholarship to Lamda and made his movie debut in Steven Spielberg's 1997 abolitionist drama Amistad. His theatre credits include acclaimed turns in Romeo and Juliet, Blue/Orange and as Francesca Annis's son in The Vortex; he was voted outstanding newcomer in the London Evening Standard awards in 2000 and nominated for best supporting actor at the Olivier Awards the following year.

Did you know? His Nigerian parents - doctor father and pharmacist mother - fled the Biafran war for Britain in the 1960s. “
Anyone know when Kinky Boots comes to the U.S.?
Check out the movie's website!
There's a link to the soundtrack. Chewey sings!
Now, he's no Shirley Bassey but he can carry a tune.
There's also a link to the trailer.
: )
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Thanks for that, miranda! I wonder how much stage acting he will be doing now - I will definitely keep an eye out for him.
Thanx AmazonGirl. I just have to say, after watching that trailer, I really want to see Kinky Boots. Chiwetel seems to do drag very well. Going from doing a very serious and deadly Operative, to a drag queen, not easy. And I would imagine walking in those shoes, not easy either. At least I would imagine, not that I have done that or anything....

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Okay, I definitely must see this movie. It sounds delightful. I'll keep an eye out for it at my video store.
Another great Chewitel performance is in Stephen Frears' terrific "Dirty Pretty Things" (playing opposite Audrey Tatou of "Amelie" fame).

He also pops up in a small, rather thankless role as Keira Knightley's husband in "Love, Actually."
I hope he wins. He delivered an amazing performance in "Serenity."

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