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"You paid money for this, sir? On purpose?"
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January 10 2006

Best Buy Exclusive Serenity Trailer. Best Buy has a page explaining their $10 off offer for purchasing Serenity with Season 1 or 2.0 of Battestar Galactica. On that page is also a link to an exclusive trailer and an excerpt from 'Relighting the Firefly' with a new intro by Joss.

Oooh... shiny. I like the trailer, offers tantalizing teases of different aspects of the movie. Hopefully it works to entice shoppers. I take it that will be playing on their closed circuit tvs in the store?

Although is it just me, or did they cut Joss off in the beginning? It feels like he was saying a bit more... what's the point of even having the footage if all he's going to say is "Serenity is coming out on DVD"?
He was, no doubt, about to warn shoppers of some terrifying space monkeys in the store.
"I take it that will be playing on their closed circuit tvs in the store?"

It has been playing for a week or two. At least at my store.
Wow, that was a much better trailer than the ones shown last September. I particularly liked showing scenes with David K., because I think he is a very recognizable face to the general public. I'm glad Best Buy is doing this, I wish there was one near me so I could go spend money there!
I have to agree, this promotional thing for Best Buy is really good, and I have to say that I like the Trailer. Although it makes out the story more grander("the destiny of the universe") than it should be, but it spells out the story very well, much better I find for the uniniated than the trailers on TV and the cinema. I hope this will boost sales.
I agree about David K. I've seen him in many things over the years, and he's always impressed me. If I hadn't been a Firefly/Joss fan, I may have seen Serenity just for him.

Best Buy is one of my favorite stores. And, the trailer is a definite improvement. I'm glad they're doing this.
Target also offers the discount. Serenity is $10 off when you buy Battlestar Galactica Season 1 or 2.0, which I figured was a good excuse to buy another copy of Serenity & finally get BSG 2.0. Problem was, they didn't actually have any BSG 2.0... Looks like I'll be going to Best Buy.

**Just watched the trailer & they did a great job. I always thought they should've put (more) scenes from River's Reaver fight in the trailer. It's a little spoilery but, IMO, it's also the scene most likely to draw viewers.

Universal must have a special deal with Best Buy. Did anyone else buy the BSG S1 that came with a Serenity bonus disk, a Best Buy exclusive, only to have another BSG S1 released a few months later with more special features, including the mini series (which I had bought separately)?

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