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January 10 2006

Serenity made from Paper. A really pretty Serenity model made from paper. There are also instructions on how to make one yourself. The site is in spanish but I think it's possible to understand it.

Hey man...that is kool!
Heh, heh, that's pretty amazing. That's exceptional talent. Much too dangerous for the likes of me who still manages to cut his tongue licking mailing envelopes. Good find:)
dang! how amazing is that! it ranks up there with the lego firefly.
by the way, has a translation section where you can put in the URL to the site and it will be translated for you.
the only thing is that if the non-english site page is a graphic, it can't be translated. only text.
Holy crap! That was just amazing...
Shiny! Does this count as support for making another Serenity movie? ;-)
Maybe. After all, they did do an Angel episode with nothing but puppets. So perhaps one could do a Firefly movie out of origami models? Or perhaps that was jsut the nuttiest idea so far this year...
All I can say is... wow.
That is so very cool. If the maker sold pre-pressed sheets of the pieces i'd maybe buy one. Probably could make it from scratch but I think i'd find it difficult to hold the finished model with half my fingers on the floor and the rest glued to my forehead.
Beautiful. Just beautiful. Anyone here going to try to make this?
Well I think this is my favourite link of the month so far. Great find :).
Wow. Wow. That is amazing work! Shiny, indeed!
Best thing ever. I just need to get some nice paper to print it on and then I might try it. Though the instructions don't seem to cover it all just yet.
Ain't she purty!
That's a right nice paper plane. Wonder how it flies... :D
With all the creative things Joss fans have done to save his shows, why not send paper Serenitys... somewhere? I don't know where, really, since no place is actively making it, but it's an idea. A silly, not-making-a-lot-of-sense idea.
I may try to do this sometime. However I don't see it happening in the near future, what with school and all. If I could get some nice paper or cardboard to print it on, and plenty of time, I would give it a go. Perhaps in the summer.
Hi. I'm new to these boards - signed up with the recent opening - but been lurking for a while. Met someone who was waxing poetic about Serenity so I went to see it in the theatre and fell in love. Dashed out to buy Firefly and fell harder. Feel bad i wasn't a part of the original band of viewers ... but have been preachin the word since -my friends and family think i'm nuts.

Anyways, i contacted the fellow who designed the paper Serenity with my crappy high school Spanish (lo siento, senor Ruck). He's never seen either Serenity nor Firefly! Just thought the spaceship design was cool. He's happy everyone found and liked his site - even when the abnormally high hits crashed it.

There will eventually be 7 sheets of instruction in total. For the cut out prints, leave 1/2 inch space on all sides. He uses "common paper" bond 120 grams - if than mean anything - maybe they'll know at the copy shop.

I asked if he was willing to put together kits - printed out sheets on the correct paper and mail it to people. He was willing but thought the price was prohibitive to interest people. Ten US dollars just to mail, so I'm guessing $15 including the cost of printing and some for his time.

But I thought if a few people were interested I could order a few from him, and mail to different people in the US for cheaper - that could lower the price quite a bit and give him some amount for his efforts. Let me know if you might be interested in this.

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