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January 10 2006

No plans to get Joss more involved with Angel comics say IDW. But as Chris Ryall tells Newsarama "it's something I'd certainly love". And the second issue of IDW's 'Angel: Old Friends' is out in comic book stores tomorrow.

The first issue was actually really good. And there should have been a thread to discuss it when it came out but there wasn't. So feel free to chip in with your thoughts on it in this thread.

And I thought I was the only one that reads newsarama.
There's a few of us here who do. It's great site with some excellent coverage.
Ok, stupid question, but has that Spike vs Dracula come out yet? My comic store guy had no clue of what it was when I asked.

As for Old Friends...first issue is better than all the issues of The Curse put together. The artist is pretty good with likenesses, but can't do action. And I noticed that Spike's mouth and nose disappeared at some 18, if I recall. But at least it's some post-NFA that is actually remotely interesting!
Haven't been inside a comic shop in a couple of years (prices got to be too much), but just for clarification, The Curse and Old Friends are both Post-NFA, but Old Friends is the one that shows other characters that survived that last fight, correct? I'll probably end up getting both at some point, just wanted to be sure I knew which was which.
Yeah I agree that Old Friends was far superior to The Curse and I'm actually quite eagerly awaiting issue 2. To be perfectly honest if The Curse wasn't "Angel" I would've given up on it after the 2nd issue.
I believe Spike vs Dracula is due out next month RS.
Yeah, another long time reader of Newsarama, right here. It has always been one of my first stops for up to date comic book info. Haven't been reading comics as much as i once did, mainly due to time and the fact comics now cost about five or six times what they did when i first started collecting, but i still like to keep up on the news. Very good site indeed.
Spike vs. Dracula hasn't been released yet. It's due out sometime in February.
Another Newsarama regular here. :-) I check it pretty much every time I get bored. (Yeah, I work at home, behind my computer, so that's quite often.)

Glad to hear so many positive things about Old Friends--I'm holding out for the TPs myself, but what I've read of The Curse didn't exactly rock my world either.

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In the interview Ryall mentions the Dark Horse Buffy mini but says it's due in 2007. Is that now the official line or is he just repeating online buzz ?

Also (slight tangent), I read the trade of 'Fallen Angel' 1-6 and really enjoyed it so it was cool to see in the article that IDW are continuing it. Anyone read the new one and if so can I just pick Vol. 2 up or do I need to have read the intervening DC issues (think it may have got to about No. 20) to follow the new ones ?
Scott Allie said in an interview somewhere that he'd try to get the mini out this year after All the Rage jumped the gun by saying it looked like it would be a 2007 thing.

haven't read the new Fallen Angel (I've only got that TP myself, too) but all the buzz is that it's completely accessible for new readers. It even takes place years after the end of the DC series. Prepare for a radically different art style, though.

(Also, the DC series did indeed run 20 issues, and the new series is doing well enough for IDW that it's just been promoted from miniseries to ongoing.)
Thanks Telltale. Sounds interesting, I think i'm definitely going to check it out.
If the new Buffy mini series does not come out until 2007, I am assuming we have no hope of seeing any Spike/Bufferverse tv movies or series until afterwards correct? Considering its only January of 2006 that seems like a long wait. Especially with JM getting older every day. I wouldn't be surprised if he said no in 2007. Any thoughts?
Well, not necessarily Saskbuffyfan. Realistically, given schedules, post production and the fact that (as far as we know) no-one has even started a script it seems unlikely that a Spike movie would be released in 2006 but it could be made this year for an early 2007 release, possibly timed to coincide with the new Buffy mini-series (assuming the Buffy comics aren't out this year).
Agreed, Saje. If i remember correctly the Farscape mini series, once given the go ahead, went into production very quickly. Same goes for the recent fifth Highlander movie. No reason a Buffyverse movie won't happen along the same lines.

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