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January 10 2006

Nathan Fillion Nominated for Breakthrough Performer by Online Film Critics. The OFCS is the first national critics group to recognize Serenity. Scroll down, as it is the last category.

Nice! But Joss should've been nominated for "Breakthrough Filmaker."
Agreed, but at least Nathan is getting on the map.
That is so cool!

But yeah, I wish Joss was nominated as well.
Psst... there's a "k" missing in "breakthrough" in the title
Firstly - woo! Go, you big red Fillionengine!

Secondly - where the hell's Michael Pena?
Oh, yow. I'd really be torn. Nathan was terrific, but little 10yo Georgie Henley was an absolute marvel in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; just note-perfect.
Awesome. And yay for Howl's Moving Castle being on the Best Animated list.

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