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January 10 2006

New Buffy Verse Encyclopedia Project. While browsing I came across this amazing project which aims to create an encyclopedia of Buffy and Angel.

Quite an amazing undertaking. Looks quite exhaustive.

I'm Getting an error 404. Links not working for me. But sounds cool.
The site is actually at Not sure why the link is having problems.

Kudos to the person who did this. I'm not sure I would have the patience.
Not exactly what it claims: a complete guide to the Whedonverse, since it only contains Buffy/Angel type stuff.

No 'verse information at all.
Harmful Lies, you need to remove the "" part of the link address you provided. That should sort the problem.
Thursday Next, the site itself claims to be a guide to the universe "better known as the Buffyverse, or Slayerverse, or Angelverse, or Clemverse," not the Whedonverse in its broadest sense. However, the creator does tell us to "watch this space" for a Firefly-specific encyclopedia . . .

ETA: Ah, I stand retroactively corrected (as per Jackal's next comment) for failing to be up to TN's speed - apologies. :)
SNT, when Thursday Next checked it the banner did say Whedonverse. I changed it after his message as I agreed it may have been misleading.
Most of the links in their menu don't work. They point to someone's harddisk:

Thanks for letting me know, Caroline. All fixed now.

You can tell I'm not used to dealing with websites.
Cool, thanks, Jackal. Looks like a hell of a lot of work!
So... it's all in .doc form?

It's pretty cool, but having it in HTML would be WAY cooler.
Ooh, nice to see you finally finished Jackal, good work :)
This is great. I actually like it in the smaller, easier to use .doc form. But to see it eventually in html would be awesome as well.

Great job, I shall be enjoying it greatly!
Thanks for the support.

As for the html/.doc thing: I'm working on it. Or rather someone is helping me on it. When I tried to do it FrontPage had other ideas. Something should be done over the weekend though.
Someone should add a link to the wiki *plugs dormant project*
Wow, this was certainly an undertaking. Props to the creator!
However, if one looks close at the definitions themselves they tend to be a bit vague, such as the definition "Big Brother" as a fictional reference of the government. It would be more accurate to say a reference to the book 1984 and its portrayal of the government.

This is not to bash the encyclopedia; I think it's really really fab. But people shouldn't be expecting it to be the 'be all and end all' of info.
As a general rule if an entry was vague it was most likely because the show didn't give much information when mentioning it and in a world where Martha Stewart can be a witch I didn't want to make too many assumptions. Also, when it came to volume the main emphasis was on the ME-created stuff.

Having said that I'm always willing to update with corrections emailed to me though.
This looks like a very useful project. Thank you! One request and one prayer of suplication.....

The request: In the episode appendix, could you please start the Angel episodes with 1, so they line up with Angel's origin?

Prayer of suplication: hyperlinks connecting all the cross-references? (Hey, if Giles can have cross-referencing as a hobby, doesn't that mean that everyone can enjoy it too?)
As a general rule if an entry was vague it was most likely because the show didn't give much information when mentioning it and in a world where Martha Stewart can be a witch I didn't want to make too many assumptions.

Ah - but that was half the fun of the writing - figuring out the cultural references in the shows and how they fit in.

It's already been done though - a hypertexted encyclopedia has been up for a few years at although it's not finished yet.
The appendix is updated, MissKittysMom. At the moment though the boldening of thing's names is as far as cross referencing gets - at least until every entry gets its own page.
thats pretty cool
Outstanding piece of work, Jackal. Thank you so much for sharing it with us:)
Nice stuff, but I find the need to open up or save in Word . . . to quote Dracula . . . strange and offputting.
I am humbled. I thought that, in a few seconds, I would find something missing, but, no. Wow. I thought my trivia database was relatively complete, but, it pales. Awesome work. Maybe, I'll find a few things to add one day...

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