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January 10 2006

Mark A. Sheppard (Firefly's Badger): upcoming TV appearances. Sheppard will be appearing in upcoming episodes of "24". He appeared in last night's "Medium", returning as the spirit of the vile Dr. Walker. (Click on "notable TV guest appearances, or scroll all the way down.)

He sure does creepifying well :) I tuned into Medium last night and was so tickled to see him, and I was glad he had a nice chunk of onscreen time as his appearance last season was all of 45 seconds onscreen or somesuch.

I saw him last night as well. He really does good creepy, doesn't he?
I wonder what he'll be doing on 24...
Would love to see more of him, thought he was mesmerising in last night's Medium.
Is he the voice of the Geico gecko?? I always think of him when I see it....
He was very scary in last night's Medium. I thought he did a fabulous job. Looking forward to seeing him in 24.

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