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January 11 2006

DVDTimes Reviews the R2 Release of "Point Pleasant". "Quite a fun series, even if it doesn't really live up to the quality I often expect from an early-cancelled show".

How ironic is it that we are coming to expect early-cancelled shows from Fox to be incredible good?

I never actually got to see an episode of this show... I think I might have attempted to but was distracted by work or a phone call or something of that sort.. Is it any good?
It was pretty bad at the start (which put a lot of people off) but it once it got going, it was pretty darn good. And there was Boyd as well *sighs*.
I agree, Simon. PP had a pretty rocky start and some flaws, but it definitely improved by mid-season. It doesn't rank up there with Whedon work, but in my opinion it was better than a few other supernaturally themed tv shows I've glanced at over the last year. While a few of the younger actors were a little shaky, a couple/few of the more experienced actors were excellent. PP did get some bashing at first, but no one can argue that it didn't improve. Sadly, it never had a chance on Fox. (That familiar refrain again.)

After reading the film vs. tv thread and analyzing my own film/tv experience as well as those of others, I'm much more open to a 13 episode series than I would have been in the past. Too expensive perhaps, but very appealing to those bored with many mainstream movies and those sad when good movies are invariably too short.
Boyd was the big bad in the show and was a great character. In fact one of my favourite new charcters of the last few years.

He was originally to be played by James Marsters but Grant Show nailed the role. Terrific performance.
I think PP actually had a decent chance on Fox... I mean, they aired - what - 12 episodes? Despite being critically mauled and having awful ratings. Of course, I'm not saying it's an ideal situation, but it certainly had more of a shot than Wonderfalls or The Inside.
Haha, I too enjoyed the statement, "Point Pleasant is quite a fun series, even if it doesn't really live up to the quality I often expect from an early-cancelled show." Now it's the norm for us to expect a cancelled series to be good and a long running one to be bad. Such is the nature of network TV these days.

I happened to catch a little of Point Pleasant and wasn't terribly impressed. It seemed kind of like Buffy but with deliberately campy acting. I may check it out some time on DVD. Wondering whether it or Tru Calling deserves to be bought first, bearing in mind I haven't seen any TC at all. But after all, TC does have a lot of Eliza in it.
I just finished watching the Point Pleasant series and have to agree that it got way better towards the middle. I could not stand it when it first aired on TV. But If you compare the first half and the last half of the series, its like watching 2 different shows. The last episode was a bit lame but I was satisfied with how it ended.

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