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January 11 2006

AstroStart Film Top 100. A Dutch website about space films where you can vote for your three favorites (the top spot on the form being for your favorite, then second favorite, then third), Serenity being one of the options. In fact, it is currently ranked as #10 on the top 100.

Me, I voted for Serenity, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

93 - The Ice Pirates

Whooo hoooo. Dutch love for one of the best films ever. I'm dead chuffed.
It's now ranked at 1 almost certainly due to the posting here and the number of votes has jumped in the last 5 minutes.
Man, that's so many choices for 2nd and 3rd...
Yup, number one. And TransFormers: The Movie at 31, hurrah!
The 3rd slot was the one that gave me the most grief. 1 = Serenity and 2 = Empire Strikes Back. 3 was a choice between Blade Runner, A New Hope and Aliens. As much as I love Transformers: The Movie I couldn't quite bring myself to vote for it, even though I'm sure I've seen it more than any other film ever. In the end I went for Blade Runner.
I had to go with Serenity, Ice Pirates, and Galaxy Quest.
I went with Serenity, Contact and Empire Strikes Back. But it was a pretty tough choice. There were quite a few other good movies in there. As for Ice Pirates - never heard of that particular movie before. What am I missing?

Good find, this. You're not Dutch, right, UnpluggedCrazy? I'm a Dutch astronomy student and even I have never heard of this website ;-)
My number one is 2001 A Space Odissey, but I can't choose amongst the others!

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My number one is Serenity (naturally), I picked Star Trek IV a New Hope for number two, and third I went for Blade Runner. It is hard to choose from such a large and varied list, but I went for the ones that meant the most to me. But I wish I could have added Galaxy Quest.
I voted for Serenity, The Last Starfighter, Galaxy Quest.

I never heard of A Taste for Flesh and Blood. It probably would not land on my favorites list.
Star Trek IV a New Hope

Wanna try again, embers? :)
I went for (1) Serenity, (2) Empire Strikes Back, and (3) The Fifth Element.

Glad to see the BDM doing so well! :)
1. Bladerunner
2. The Empire Strikes Back
3. Serenity

I would have liked to squeeze Star Trek: First Contact in there somewhere.

Wish there'd been DS9 films.
Right there with you wanting DS9 films Caroline - it was easily my favourite of all the various Trek incarnations. They should do one now and ride on the coatails of BSG's success getting Ron Moore to write it.
Right there with you wanting DS9 films Caroline - it was easily my favourite of all the various Trek incarnations. They should do one now and ride on the coatails of BSG's success getting Ron Moore to write it.

Oooooh, that would be so supremely awesome, just the idea of it gives me goosebumps! Too bad it will never happen.

DS9 really was the best Trek of them all. Even after they shoehorned Worf into the mix.
I can't really think of Bladerunner as a "space" film - obviously it's sci-fi, and elements of the story are set in and about space, but to me it's firmly rooted on the ground. Maybe I'm reading too much into the distinction . . . or maybe "space film" has a broader meaning in Dutch?

In any case, I voted for The Empire Strikes Back, Alien, and Close Encounters, based very simply on the impact that each of those movies had upon me. Serenity would be in my top 5.
Where do you go to see the results?

I voted Serenity, Contact, and From the Earth to the Moon.

I would have LIKED to also put in Pluto Nash (because it wasn't as bad as it bombed) and Bucakroo Banzai in, just to be a bit contrarian and obscure, respectively. Stargate was a really cool movie to go to TOTALLY blind--I hadn't seen a review or heard anyone talk about it, and it was a fascinating experience.

But what I *REALLY* want to know is why no one here has talked about voting for Titan A.E. yet. :-)
(1) Serenity
(2) Fifth Element
(3) I can't choose. :) I was looking for the 7 Monkeys but can't seem to find it. Have I translated the title wrong? Does anybody know the real title? (It's with Bruce Willis)

Well, my choice would be 7 Monkeys (obviously) with runner ups: GalaxyQuest, StarWars IV, TimeBandits, Enemy Mine.
Harpy, you misplaced some monkeys: it's Twelve Monkeys.

Tip: if you can't remember the exact title, try cross-referencing by any actor (or director or whoever)'s name that you do remember.
Yeah, I get Twelve Monkeys and The Seven Samurai mixed up, too. The similarities, in genre, plot, setting, and cinematic style are overwhelming! ;-)
Thanks SNT. made my vote with the TWELVE monkeys.

jclemens: har har. I just have a problem with monkeys seemingly, especially the ones roaming in space. (or time travelling, or being painted onto walls or whatever)
Ah, no GVH, I am not Dutch. I just haunt the IMDb boards too much for my own good.
1. Serenity
2. The Fifth Element (it's unforgettable)
3. Spaceballs (yes, it's silly fluff, but I've still watched it more times than probably every sci-fi film I've ever seen put together.)

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