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January 11 2006

World Premiere of Done The Impossible. At long last! The world premiere of our much-anticipated fan documentary. Premiering at WonderCon, one of the formemost media cons in the US, Feb. 10th in San Francisco

the documentary's offical website

In case you've been under a rock, the documentary features interviews with a plethora of fans & BDHs, including Joss, Tim, Adam,...the list is far too long! :)

and, rest assured there will be lots of Browncoats at WonderCon. The SF and Sacramento Browncoats will have fan tables, etc. So come join them to cheer on this amazing accomplishment!

*so* proud of you boys! Kudos to the whole production team!
Ah, great, so this probably means they'll be sending it out soon, right? I've been wanting to see this for ages, can't even remember when I ordered it, but it was quite some time ago. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait, though.
I just can't wait to get this documentary. I pre-ordered it WAY back when too.
He he, another thread devoted to "When will I get my DVD?" This is good news and kudos also to miyu and her gang who just keep giving their time and energy.
Actually, I'm hoarding my time and energy these days. ;) Arielle & Kim are running the SF Browncoat table for WonderCon, and Malsgal is orchestrating the Sacto table. My job is to show up and look pretty while swiping all the swag I can. (which is ALOT.)

I'm just so incredibly psyched about this movie, I had to get it on whedonesque as soon as I heard.

I get to see Browncoats on the big screen!!!! wohoo!
Same here, last September or so. I did see a "rough cut" at Flanvention, and it looked pretty good. I don't know if we'll also see footage from that event and the premiere, but what they did have should be more than enough.
So long as we are making big announcements with regards to our documentary... Let this be the official announcement that "Done The Impossible" is hosted by Adam Baldwin. We filmed all of his hosting bits the day before Flanvention. We will be making the official announcement and showing a sample on our site shortly.

Oh Jeremy, that is so cool, and really nice of Adam Baldwin to do that, I cannot wait to get my copy!
Oh wow. What amazing fun. Make me want it now EVEN more! Adam is just the guy to do it.
Aaah, that is very, very cool, Jeremy :-) Yep, now I'm looking forward to seeing this even more, which, let's face it, I would've thought impossible (yes, there's a lame title joke in there somewhere, if you really want to see it).

Too bad I won't be at WonderCon (I couldn't even afford going to the UK for the last Serenity con, and that's much closer ;-)), but I'm sure everyone'll have a blast.
Wow!! That's wonderful news... I preordered my copy way back when. It probably wasn't long after the initial offering ;) I can't wait to finally see it! The little bits I've seen in the trailers looks amazing and hearing that Adam Baldwin is the host makes me even happier. I got the chance to meet him this past September and he was fantastic!
And does he introduce himself as "Hi, I'm Adam Baldwin. I played the public relations officer."? That was one of my favourite bits in whatever promo that was.
I was meaning to pre-order back in October but...well...let's just say "stuff" got in the way.
Just got back from Watched the trailer and highlights, and put in my order.
OK. Now I'm really excited!
: )
-shameless plug- How much fun is it going to be to sit in a room loaded with Browncoats watching new footage *together* with all the energy and buzz? It'll be like a preview showing all over again! -/shameless plug-

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