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January 12 2006

The Serenity score is one of Cinescape's best soundtracks of 2005. "Newman brings a stirring orchestral atmosphere that provides an unusual ambience beneath the film's drama while also heightening its dynamic." Absolutely.

The soundtrack really does grow on you. I listen to it all the time.

I love the sound track. In particular, in love with the themes during the voyage to Miranda, and Mal's speech at the dinner table. And the 'Love' theme at the end. And Rivers broken piano themes. And the main Serenity theme which tends to run with Mal.
That write up has inspired me to buy the soundtrack. Been holding off cos i'm currently still playing the 'Firefly' CD to death and I was worried 'Serenity' might not compare favourably (apart from the main theme nothing particularly stands out in my memory).
It's a great soundtrack, I like all of it but I really love the last 5 or so tracks on the CD, some beautiful music there.

I did have two complaints though. 1) The "Fruity Oaty Bars" jingle and the instrumental version of the Firefly theme aren't on there, and 2) some of the themes don't last long enough (everytime I listen I want the Serenity theme and River's theme to just last a little longer).
While I am among those that were disappointed when Greg Edmonson was not given the job, I must admit that I am fairly pleased with how the Serenity soundtrack turned out.

I saw one of the prescreenings, before it had the final music, and it made a major difference. Especially thrilling was hearing the Serenity theme play when we first see Serenity, and I also really love the piano for River (and I read that it was a special piano he found and got especially for this soundtrack).

I'm a little disappointed that the CD doesn't include many of the good bits, especially the full credits music culminating with the instrumental Ballad of Serenity.
I'll agree with you that the Serenity theme should be longer. It just get's started and then it's over.

There was also more than a few moments in the movie where I just thought the music didn't seem to fit. Upon multiple viewings some of that went away but there's still a few glaring spots. That being said there's a few spots where the music fits so well that I can't imagine the scene without the music playing in he background. So overall it was a mixed bag.

It'd be nice to see a special edition DVD a few years down the road where Greg Edmonson does an alternate track, if only because I'd be curious to see what he would have done with it.
Nice to see that my favourite scores made this list: Batman Begins and Serenity.
I've been a fan of Newman's work for a long time, and he didn't disappoint. I'm a long time (lo-o-o-o-ong time, children) film music buff and I thought the music was wonderful.
Joss talks about the music in the commentary and his "meemo" about the music is in the Visual Companion.
As much as I love the music for Firefly, I wasn't at all disappointed that Newman got the Serenity gig.
It'd be nice to see a special edition DVD a few years down the road where Greg Edmonson does an alternate track, if only because I'd be curious to see what he would have done with it.

Wow, war_machine. That is...that is such a fantastically brilliant idea.

Someone go write a letter to Mr. Edmonson. Right away. Now.

Anyway, I love David Newman's Serenity score, so much so that I cannot compare it to Greg Edmonson's equally lovely work on Firefly (though the characters in my forthcoming teleplay attempt to). The high point of the entire film score is near the beginning, when we first see the ship, and that lovely romantic music...I cried at the first showing I saw during that bit. It still brings tears to my eyes. And then Joss going crazy around the ship with the fire and the atmo entry, and David ripping it to an epic adventure score, felt to me like a statement:

"Yeah, we're back, bitches!" The bitches, of course, being those at FOX that canceled Firefly.
Word. It's not every day I get called out for having a fantastically brilliant idea. Even if it is an idea that will never happen.

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I love both the Serenity and Firefly scores. I just felt like the Serenity score had to be different, somehow, it had to feel different, and I think it was very successful in this, it felt very organic to the Fireflyverse and it was also a beautiful, compelling listen.

I too remember the first time I saw Serenity on the big screen, having followed the film's progress so closely on the Internet. I've never followed a film the same way before.

I was interested in Lord of the Rings and I would definitely rank them up there with some of my fvaourite films, but I was just never part of a community that discussed them. With Serenity, I really felt like I was part of it, discussing it on the Internet, hearing news (but never spoilers) and interviews, the viral marketing, and everything about it.

But after months of anticipation, waiting for the trailer, the poster, for news of a prescreening near me, finally I was rewarded and when I saw the title appear on the screen and then Serenity soar past as this unusual, etheral music began to swell, I had hairs standing up on the back of my neck, and I believe that the score was a big part of that.

I agree with the complaints about The Fruity Oaty Bars and the end titles not being on the CD, which is definitely a shame. However a certain DVD Easter Egg has taken care of the jingle we all love, and now it's only The Ballad of Serenity being missing that disappoints me. But that shouldn't detract from Newman's fantastic work.

I'm thinking of getting the Sin City and Narnia soundtracks. Does anyone have them? Are they worth a purchase? I'm also wondering if we will get more Alias soundtracks. And of course Buffy and Angel. I'd love a score CD of Buffy.
Razor, email me offline about Buffy scores; I have both unofficial score CD's that Christophe Beck put out and would be happy to share.
I have both the "Serenity" and "Firefly" CDs, the latter a totally unexpected, but joyously accepted, gift, and I play them both continually. They are hardly ever out of my CD player, joined by the soundtrack of Cirque du Soleil's "Journey of Man", which I find complements them well.

And certainly the moment the Serenity theme comes on and we see the ship for the first time is one of pure joy every time I've seen the movie - and I've stayed right through to the end of the credit every time, partly because I usually do, but in this case even more so I can hear the instrumental version of the "Ballad of Serenity". Worth waiting for each time.

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