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January 12 2006

Serenity Appears at Prince Charles Cinema, London. For anyone in or near London, who may have missed it in the theatrical release - or who just wants to see it in a cinema again - it's started appearing at the Prince Charles now.

First date it's on is Jan 18th - click the date for details. Once it's started playing there, if it gets popular, then I can imagine it could play there regularly and for a long time.

Oh, and of course, if this has been posted elsewhere, or isn't thought post-worthy, mods - please delete.
I had an email about this (hi Scott!). It appears it'll be the last place showing it in Londonland.
I'll add it to Can't Stop The Serenity at some point later today (after work). And if anyone else around the world knows of showings I don't have listed there, please click the "please send email" link on that site and let me know so they also can be added.

On edit: There was a problm with email to the website I mention above, but that should be fixed now.

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Destined to be a cult classic then. Hurrah!

As if there was ever any doubt. ;)

Ahhh, Whedonism at the Prince Charles. Does movielife get any better than that? I bet you (yes, YOU!) a fiver 'Serenity' out box offices 'Sing-A-Long-A Sound Of Music' and 'Rocky Horror' ten to one!
Back in 2000 the Prince Charles showed Fight Club every Saturday night for months. That was really great. Even after that, they brought it back fairly often for many more months. It would be terrific if Serenity became popular enough there for something similar to happen.

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