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January 12 2006

Universal Officially Announce R2 Release of "Serenity" on DVD and UMD. Available to buy and rent from the 27th of February.

Am I the only one that really cannot see the point in UMDs, you pay the same price for something of a lesser quality, that you can only watch on a dinky little screen. Surely if you have to watch the film on your PSP you'd be better off ripping the DVD and putting it on a memory stick.

I tried to explain this to a 12 year old customer in Woolies a while back, but try as I might he just wanted to watch a film on his PSP because it was cool.

Hm, I can't get the link to work.

I didn't even know what UMDs were until you just explained it, although I had noticed that all the DVD adverts had started saying "On DVD and UMD" instead of "On DVD and VHS". Is VHS truly dead?
Link doesn't work for me either. But it's up for preorder on at 13.99 instead of 19.99.

Some time ago it was announced that the Benelux edition of Serenity would have some special goodies, could anybody tell me where to buy that online? (There is no ...)

RIP VHS, I'm still using you to tape shows I can't watch. But I never liked buying them anyway, it was difficult and expensive always getting the UK version (because of the dubbing).
Even buying a video recorder is getting harder and harder these days. I suppose it was inevitable that the format would eventually be force-phased out but it sure feels like we are being pushed into giving up on VHS once and for all.

Like Ariane said above, i never buy tv series or movies on video anymore, simply because DVD is so much more practical, but i'm still using my VHS to record the shows i'm not able to watch when they are actually on. Still haven't upgraded to Sky Plus yet and i don't plan to anytime soon. I've actually bought a spare video recorder so that when my current one dies i'll be able to replace it, even if the shops no longer stock them.

Never liked being forced to do something so i'll give up on VHS when i'm good and ready ... or when all my blank video tapes have broken, whatever comes first.
VHS tapes just take up so much space. As soon as DVD recorders become a little more affordable no one will care about VHS being phased out.
Grounded, same thing was said about vinyl, but a lot of us still have our original album collections, despite now having pretty much everything on cd as well.

Nostalgia is a funny thing, hehe.
Vinyl takes up a lot less space compared to VHS. Plus a lot of people seem to prefer the sound of vinyl over CD - VHS doesn't really have any advantages over DVD.

Besides, no one's saying throw out your VHS collection, they're just making the point that producing them isn't really worth it any more.
VHS doesn't really have any advantages over DVD.

Are you kidding me? What about the valuable quality time you can spend with your family while you're rewinding tapes? And that melodious sound the vcr makes when it decides to eat your tapes. Can't get that stuff with DVD, I tell ya....
Yeah and the lovely ticking sound all my Buffy S2 tapes make :)
I found another link that works:

And according to them it stars 'Chitwell Ejoifer' as the Operative...
You get that ticking sound too? Aaah, memories! :)

No, i see where you are coming from, Grounded. VHS has very little advantage over DVD, if any. However, there is still that whole nostalgia thing. People want what they can't have and if they are suddenly forced to give up VHS they will, no doubt, be wanting exactly that.

I've got friends who still swear by audio tapes! Go figure!
There's also an announcement on the UK Browncoats forum-

I'm undecided as to whether to get the UK or Australian version. The Australian version has a bonus disc of features, plus that cool collector's tin, and it is out earlier so by the time it gets here it might still be before the R2 version is released. However I'm not sure if there will be import tax or something. All in all it would be less hassle to get the RS version.
I've changed the link to the DVD Active website seeing as there's problems accessing
On the VHS space discussion -- I've just looked up to my shelf and my Buffy Season 7 boxset takes up 1/6th of the space of my Angel Season One on VHS ...
Starring Nathan Reynolds -- I just love it. I mean, it's obvious that Nathan has a thing for Mal, but to go as far as changing his name ...
LOL...staring Nathan Reynolds. That typo that made me laugh.
For those trying to decide between R2 and R4, I'd go with R4. The cover art is better, you can get collector exclusives and there are more extras.

The UK disc is missing the Q&A with Joss, extended scenes (the ones referenced in the press release refer to the deleted scenes that all regions receive), a tour of Serenity featurette with cast and crew and a featurette on the DP Jack Green and his team.

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