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January 13 2006

January is Scifi Month On Demand which means episodes of Firefly are currently on demand for Comcast subscribers !

They do however cost $2.99 each for packages of three episodes each.
With the flash there they have a sweet trailer too for it.

Reports Serenity will be on demand on February 2nd!

I concur on the "sweet trailer" bit. I'm late to this party; back in 2002, I wasn't aware that anything on broadcast even approached this level of quality.

But if I'd seen that trailer, I think I'd have taken a look.
Fox should've shown that promo in 2002 instead of the 'smashmouth' song.
Yup if I saw that trailer when the series was on the air, I definitely would have gone out of my way to see the show. What they did show didn't pique my interest; it was Whedon's name on it that got me to watch.

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Missed one of the "I's" SNT :), but yeah that trailer is cool.
Interesting that the trailer uses the old Firefly logo at the end.
Wow, that's a really kick-ass trailer.

The only reason I watched Firefly when it actually aired was because of Joss' name. But had I seen that trailer...I would've made tuning in a priority.
That really is a good trailer. I never saw Firefly when it was broadcast. Didn't even know about it. Perhaps I saw a trailer, but it did not cause me to watch. If this trailer had played, I would have been front and center in front of the tube.

And I wish something of this type had been used to promote the film, as well. More people would have been in theaters.
Too bad they don't have a hi-res version.

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