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January 13 2006

New pics of Nathan Fillion in 'Slither'. The first one is just odd.

Hey, there's that sheriff from Paradiso in the last picture!
It's always sad to see yet another movie where the buffyverse alumni are fully clothed, but it'll be nice to see NF in another film. Even if the first shot looks like it belongs in an advert for acne gone wrong.
...The first shot seems like a very sinister version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I can't tell given the writer of the movie, is this supposed to be more of a comedy or is it more of a horror? Sort of like "Six Legged Freaks" versus a more straight-forward take like "Arachnophobia?"
Balthazar from the Buffy episode 'Bad Girls' sprung to mind.
LMAO at that first picture - Makes Balthazar look svelte.
It looks like someone shuffed a hose up Balthazars behind and blew him up! Heeh...
It's good for ME, that they still make money with their old props...

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That's not a slither, that's a roller!
Picture one demonstrates what happens when your average Hollywood studio executiveís ego takes on corporal form.

The lady in picture two is either auditioning for King Kong or a porn film featuring something, err, quite large.

Picture three: Mssr Fillion would like to get in on the action. And he has brought his big gun.

Picture four shows said studio executive after he has been reduced to becoming an independent producer. Who is not yet quite used to his new working conditions. (ĎAnd when we said we needed meat for this film, we didnít actually mean pork chops.í).

Picture five: Prostrate trouble. A sad end to an distinguished career in adult entertainment. Let that be a warning to you all.

(Picture six, you canít see this, as it has fallen off the page, me being really really sorry for subjecting you to this.)
I'm having such a clash-y day since I've seen like a gazillion "Two Guys & A Girl" epsiodes just lately.. :)
Somebody I know has seen a rough cut of Slither (minus finished special effects) and they say it is actually very good.
On the panel posted here a couple of days ago the cast were saying it was in the mold of 'Tremors' which I thought was great fun. That and Nathan's superb comic timing means i'm actually starting to quite look forward to this one.
Tremors is one of my favorite movies, but Slither just looks...bad.

I'm all for silly fun horror, but I'm doubting this'll be my cuppa tea.
All right, I'll admit it -- I am PUMPED for this flick. The world's been needing a good slug movie. And my face still registers shock that James Gunn wrote a remake of "Dawn of the Dead" ... and it ended up being great. Plus, you can't go wrong casting Nathan, right?

The fella in that last picture looks like the dude that plays Huntzberger the newspaper magnate on "Gilmore Girls." But I could be wrong about that, and I'm far too lazy (and not caring enough) to go to the IMDB to confirm. Sure looks like him, though.
As has been said, the fella in the last picture is the sheriff from "The Train Job", aka Gregg Henry. And, doing a quick search, he did indeed play Mitchum Huntzberger.
Oh, wow. I didn't realize Huntzberger also played the sheriff in "The Train Job." Then, again, I probably haven't watched "The Train Job" since before Huntzberger arrived as a recurring on "GG." Amazing how these cool character actors get around.
But really, COULD you fit a buick in those nostrils?

Looking forward to this one myself. Because, well, there's NATHAN! All shiny and big on the big screen! With a gun!
Nathan plays a clueless cop in the movie, who literally has nothing to do. Then things go very wrong, and everybody turns to him to save the world... Except he's still a clueless backwater cop. I suspect the trailers don't do this justice, if horror is your cup of tea.
"The Grudge" pretty much ruined me on horror flicks for the past while--in a "can't watch them because they just make me all crazy-like" kind of way.

But...Nathan Fillion? Horror? "Tremors?"


Gonna see it. As long as that freaky creaking sound/weird hair crawling up wall thing isn't in this one, I should stay sane. ;)
The world could definitely use a fun, non-vicious/ultra-ultra-ultra-violent, horror film or two right now. Even so, I STILL might be too squeamish for "Slither"...though I'm trying to work past that.
It's Nathan, so I'm there no matter what. But it also looks like good, gross-out fun, so, bonus.
Whats with the guy with all the meat? LOL Did they just do that to setup the "Where's the beef?" joke.
The first one is just odd.

Or, the first one is just sick.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gone wrong?
I love oddball horror movies. By the looks of it this could shape up to be a nice Evil Dead style movie.

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