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March 05 2003

Buffy Bits. BtVS news from AICN & excerpts from the EW SMG story.

"I honestly believe [Joss'] original intention was to put Buffy and Xander together."--SMG

I knew it!

I've always wondered about that and if Joss was going to do that plotline which season would he have introduced it.
According to Boreanaz, Angel wasn't supposed to stick around for very long. I'm not sure I believe that - since Joss likes having an "X" factor involved - but there it is. If the show had gone differently, Angel could have been killed off by Darla or the Master, and B/X could have developed in Season 2 instead of C/X.
I've read that Boreanaz wasn't supposed to be around that long as well and I'd tend to believe. I've also read that Spike wasn't never intended to become such a huge part of BtVS.
LOL. Sometimes, the fact that the pairings of Buffy with Angel and Buffy with Spike were the result of off-the-cuff playing makes me think of fanfic where Xander's always pouting about how Buffy just had to go for the vampires. Seems a bit ironic...But then, I fear that if B/X had really happened, it might have turned into some strange Riley-esque creature...and anyway, then Xander and Anya wouldn't have had their kickass song in the musical! =D
Oz was also supposed to originally stay around awhile longer than he did. Whedon was originally gonna kill off Oz after a year or two more, turning Willow evil in response to the loss. However, Seth Green left early to persue his movie career, forcing Whedon to lengthen his plans to turn Willow dark. Tara ended up replacing Oz, but it took awhile for Whedon to build the rapport between Willow and her new love interest, enough to convincingly make Tara's death matter as much as Oz's would have.

We DO know from both Whedon and Amber Benson that Whedon told her up front he was gonna kill off Tara. He just didn't know when at the time he hired Benson. This suggests Whedon had planned this well ahead of his hiring Benson. He didn't just look at her and go: this is an actress whose character I should kill off. He had already planned to turn Willow eventually by the loss of a love, and that loss was originally gonna be Oz.

This more than anything is what made the homosexual fan backlash of Tara's death so absurd. Tara being gay had nothing to do with her death. It was originally gonna be a hairy guy who got the axe. Tara was an act of serrendipity, who actually brought as much dimension to the series as Oz had, in my not so humble opinion, but ultimately she was a plot device necessary to get to the story Whedon wanted to tell. Sexuality had absolutely nothing to do with it.

In fact it's possible that Whedon had told Seth Green he planned to kill off Oz in a year or two, and Green took it badly which is the real reason why he left. Green may have taken it personally while Whedon was just doing what was necessary for the story he wanted to tell. Woulda been interesting to be a fly on the wall in that room between them the days before Green made that crucial decision to leave.

There are so many variables in the making of this series which depended on actor availability and reaction to dailies and fan response and a zillion other things. It'd be interesting to have learned what the story woulda been like had Whedon been able to build it in a vacuum, without all the variables. However at the same time I think it's the strange serrendipity of "BtVS's" behind the scenes melodrama which actually caused the series to rise above any expectations and surprise the heck out of us time and again. Whedon's a living example of being able to take lemons and make lemonade. Time and time again.

I'll be sad to see the series go, but compared to much of the dreck out there, you have to admit this is one of the most finely crafted, entertaining and intricate storylines ever in the three quarter century history of television. It's all good, and if they're gonna end it, rest assured they'll be as surprising and provacative and enterprising as they have been since day one.

Bring it on.
Actually, Oz was origianlly supposed to die instead of Jenny Calendar, but Robia LaMorte wanted to leave the show so she died instead. Not contradicting you Zachmind - just showing how many different "plans" there have been over the years.
I don't know how true this is, but I'm sure I read somewhere that if Angel hadn't got his own show, his character's path would have been much different and he'd have had the storylines Spike has had over the past 4 years.

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