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January 13 2006

Vote for Mal in SFX poll. The question is whose crew you'd like to be on, and so far Mal has the majority of votes.

That same link has a blurb about Tony being invited to appear in an upcoming charity event based around RHPS, "The Denton Affair."
OMG, how is one supposed to choose when so many lovely options present themselves? *frets* I'm torn between Mal and John Crichton...
I love me some Solo, but he's not too bright :)
Nah Han's the man. I love him to bits.
Voted. Don't know who Roj Blake is though. **bows head in shame**
Fact is, unless you wore a red shirt, you could pretty well count on James T. getting everyone out of trouble. That's a good captain.
"Nah Han's the man. I love him to bits."

Had to go with Han myself. Sorry, don't hate me! I wanted to be on his crew back in '77! Although, Mal does have the same rogueish appeal!

Don't know who Roj Blake is either...
Not sure on Roj Blake either. Blakes 7 reference?

Edit: by the way, before the 'browncoats fix the vote[#~!@' accusations start, I should point out the moment this poll appeared on SFXs website, Mal went straight into the lead. It's taken a few days before it's done the rounds online. Which is cool :)

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Mal narrowly but that was a very tough one. James T. kicked ass across 2 centuries and "turned death in to a fighting chance to live" time and again but I just think i'd get on better on 'Serenity' than 'Enterprise' (not really a forces kind of guy).

Roj Blake was leader of 'Blake's Seven' a UK sci-fi show from the 70's and, frankly, it would be a bit dangerous being on his crew cos a) they had a tendancy to die (especially at the end) and b) Avon (the original IT guy from hell ;) would probably push me out an airlock to save fuel., how do you choose between Han Solo and Mal Reynolds?!
I mean...well...Han Solo! And then there's Captain Tightpants!
Glory, what's a girl to do?
Then there's that part of me that thinks that life aboard the MF and Serenity are a little too...I think the word is "roughscrabble"?
Maybe being on the Enterprise with Picard might be a little more civilized and relaxed, and less runnin' from The Man.
: )
That's cos if you're on Picard's Enterprise you are The Man ;)
There's no place that I can be, since I found Serenity...
Gotta be Han Solo for this gal. He's cool, good looking, cool, quippy, cool, got a fab spaceship, cool. Did I mention cool? ;0)
Voted for Mal, not just because of him but because of the whole crew. 'Course, the only other crew I even know about is Han's. I'm not that big into scifi.
Wot, I can't vote for Spike? What kind of crummy poll is this anyway?

Just my little tee-hee. ;)

Well, for coolness and ship, I'd choose Han and the Falcon.

On the other hand, if I take into account my traveling companions, the choice is between, on the one side, a wookie; and on the other, a Companion, a wisecracking pilot (OK, a late wisecracking pilot), an earthy and gorgeous engineer, a skilled physician, a man of God who makes great food (yeah, yeah, a late . . . ), and some gorgeous muscle (Zoe, not Jayne). With that in mind, I think my choice is gonna be a bit different . . .

Of course, if I actually want to live, and not get involved in every scrape possible in the 'verse, I'd choose neither, and go with Picard or someone. And yep, Avon is way too much a liability for me to ship out with Blake. :)
The only good thing being on Picard's team is you're going to get assigned a number.
I love Google - now I now who John Crichton is. (Ducks)
Somebody give me a good virtual smack 'cuz I think Picard is sexy. He's got a good 35 years on me but there is just something about Patrick Stewart's shiny bald pate. Plus, I'm much more likely to survive the mission and be allowed to keep my pets on the Enterprise. But I still picked Mal, because when you come right down to it, "I aim to misbehave."
I chose Serenity also, but Picard won my heart during the first episode of TNG many many moons ago. :)
I love Google - now I now who John Crichton is. (Ducks)

Hehe, for the longest time I thought John Crichton was the author of Jurassic Park.
I'm going to have to discount Serenity/Mal, just because it's not as fanciful as The Falcon/Han or Moya/Chriton. If I'm going to be on a ships crew, I want it to be full of sci-fi wonder, like aliens and lightspeed technology.

So. It really comes down to them. And, jesus, they both get into deep trouble constantly, so I'm going to have to go with Chriton. Hey. Moya has Chiana and Aerynn.
...What about the dying factor? I'd say the best odds are with Han Solo. I mean as nice as the ensemble is for Firefly and Serenity, captains alone then Mal became the horrible monster sort to show more leadership skills by abandoning the flock. And I think I should stop now before I get a really mixed up metephor.

What about Link Hogthrob though? Or Jason Nesmit? (What is it with me and Galaxy Quest references lately?)
GoblinQueen I think PS is sexy too. The voice, the forearms. *deep dreamy sigh*
Heh, the dying factor plays no role for me. Whatever ship I set foot on, I'd probably die on any of 'em. Yep, even on Picard's Enterprise. Not sure why, but there'd be something to knock me off.

Having said that, it simply becomes a contest of which people I'd feel most comfortable around. And then I'd take Serenity's crew any day of the week. And so I did.

Riker, Wesley, Geordi, Worf.
Inara, Kaylee, Zoe.

Not a hard choice, when you consider the shipmates.
It depends which era the Falcon is from. It could be full of sexy female (and male, I suppose) Jedi in training. Or Leia and Mara.

Or sexy female Jedi in training and Leia and Mara.
I really wanted to put Serenity, but all things considered, I went with Picard's Enterprise. Serenity ain't exactly kid-friendly, and I'd want my cherubs with me.

Serenity's crew are more like the rambunctious cousins that come over a couple of times a year...I love them, but don't want to spend all my time in their world.

Plus, the opportunity to run into Jean-Luc? Possibly daily? **swoony sigh**
Somebody give me a good virtual smack 'cuz I think Picard is sexy.

Smack me too. I think Patrick Stewart is hella sexy.
That man could make me...well, let's just say I'd be happy hearing him read the phone book.
; )
by the way, before the 'browncoats fix the vote[#~!@' accusations start, I should point out the moment this poll appeared on SFXs website, Mal went straight into the lead.

Aww now, accusations is such an ugly word, people just assumed correctly that they were doing the same thing everyone else was doing. It was all giggly and fun until somebody spoiled it.

Obviously the SFX reading browncoats knew about the poll and were voting, quite honestly I'm sure. The UK has always had very strong support for the Whedonverse, so it makes sense that Mal would do well regardless of whether it made the rounds to main fansites yet.
As much as I like Patrick Stewart and a safe ship, I loves me some Mal. Oh yes, yes, yes I do. . .

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