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January 14 2006

Slither trailer for restricted audiences. A more explicit version of the trailer for Nathan Fillion's next movie. Not for the kids, or the faint of heart.

the last part with the music was creepily funny.
I attended a Sliver panel at the San Diego Comic Con and I have to say, it got me excited about seeing this.
Okay, I may have just had a little to drink, but this acutally looks pretty damn funny. Sort of along the lines of Shaun of the Dead and American Werewolf in London, you know? You woulnd't think horror and comedy would blend well (well not intentionally anyways) but if the right person does it, a great movie can be made. I'm definitely hopeful now that it's being advertised more as a comedy horror than just a horror movie.
is this a comedy?
Shaun of the Dead *rocked*! If Slither is as funny as that, I'm so there!
Does someone have a direct link to this video (grrr, I hate when videos are embedded...)?
That was really quite funny.

I've gotta go see this now
Well, it still doesn't look exactly what I would call good...but it certainly looks more, um, "interesting," I guess would be the word.

It looks like a blend of Tremors and Shaun of the Dead...yet nowhere near as funny.

I'll still see it, though...just for my cap'n...
I'll pass.

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I was sort of reminded of Evil Dead actually. I'll definitely go see it, if only for Nathan.
"Slug It Out," cracked me up. That probably says nothing good about me...
The scariest thing in the whole trailer? Air Supply.
Definitely an unusual trailer. I'm looking forward to it. I hope it's in the same vein as Evil Dead.
I guess I'm in the minority then, because I just found it ridiculously stupid.
If this is one-third as funny as Shaun of the Dead. I'm there. I can't stand horror movies, but this looks like a silly lark. Nathan should get fabulous exposure from this.
I'm with Christopher, not even Nathan's presence is enough to make this look good (based on the trailer that is). It didn't seem to have anything of "Shaun" about it to me.
I'm not saying I think it will be as good as Shaun of the Dead, just saying it seems to be that similar blend of horror and comedy. But I think the Evil Dead comparison seems a bit more accurate, than Shaun.

But nobody gets an American Werewolf in London-y vibe from this? Or at least nobody's saying anything about it. Cuz that movie's pretty damn funny, and also kinda scary (or at least grusome).
This looks so good. I love these kinds of movies to begin with, but add Elizabeth Banks, Nathan, and Jenna Fischer and I am so there. When's it coming out? I thought January, but you'd think we would have seen more marketing if that was so. Has it been pushed back?
I think it's been pushed back to March 31st in the US. No idea about international release dates.
Crap! I can't watch anything any more! I must have some kind of bug in my system because I'm freezing up all the time, and I can't watch any clips at all - of anything!

Argh this is annoying.
I always say I'm a bit squeasmish -- you won't see me in the audience, for, "Hostel" - but this type of unrealistic "gore" (is that really even the right word for this?) doesn't bother me, at least as far as it went in the trailer. In any case, I have a definite soft spot for the skillyfully shlocky Roger Corman school of horror film making -- this seems very much in that tradition, and it made me laugh.

I also think there's a good chance for it to do well, since it's been awhile since someone's tried to make an old fashioned, good natured monster flick, as opposed to the current school of horror film making, which is of the very (overly?) serious PG-13 "Sixth Sense"/adaptations of Japanese films or films like "Hostel" which aren't satisfied unless they induced post-traumatic stress syndrome in half the audience. "Sliter" seems pretty much like my speed and I may just do my part for Nathan's career (BDH Superstardom may = Serenity sequel) by paying to see it.
Nathan+zomboids+silly dialog+slugs=me in the theater.
Looks fun! Serenity caused positive Han Solo-comparisons, this will probably cause positive Ash-comparisons. With this, Nathan will be having credits to be genre king for as long as he wants. He may like the lifestyle.
I think Nathan will probably be the next Bruce Campbell.
Hey! The first Bruce Campbell is still around. Why does every new actor have to be like someone already known. NF is probably unique enough to make it as himself.

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