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January 14 2006

Buffy and Angel Yearbook out on store shelves now. The yearbook contains an exclusive interview with Joss Whedon, plus David Boreanaz, and Amy Acker with Andy Hallett. As well as an interview with all the Hat trick performers.

I recommend this to you guys, the interviews with Joss and David are great.
These yearbooks, do they feature new material? Or are they rehashes of old official magazines pieces? I think I remember that being the case with the first one, but I may be wrong. Looking over the content of this, it seems like it's new though.

Hmm, that reminds me, I haven't received the official magazine(s) in a while now, which probably means my subscription has stopped. I keep losing track of when I have to renew (don't magazines and the like usually send out reminders?), so I always miss issues. I much prefer the Dutch system of automatic renewals, it suits my lazy persona.
The interviews haven't been published before so in that regard they're new but the time lag between the interview taking place and getting published tends to be pretty long. They mention in the Joss interview that after the interview took place the word broke about Joss approaching Tim Minear about the Spike movie so that gives you a decent idea of how long it's been since they talked to Joss.
I bought the year book. It is a thing of beauty, though very pricey. I wondered about the Tim Minear statement. They did mention after the Nick Brendon interview that Kitchen had not been continued so I was thinking that the facts had been updated before publication. Is the Spike movie off? Is Tim not writing one? I haven't been following things as closely as I once did.
As far as we know the Spike movie is still something Joss wants to get done but there has been no definite news as to it actually happening. Equally there's been no news as to it being definitely dead either. The 'year in review' section of the yearbook stops in September which seems to be when they had to have most of the content done by though you're right they did manage to squeeze in an update vis a vis "Kitchen Confidential".

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