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January 14 2006

Dark Horse to produce Serenity Zippo lighter and ornament. Pricey stuff, but, wow. Shiny.

With images, found halfway down the page.


On sale March 29, Logo Zippo® lighter, $29.99
On sale April 12, 6" long x 3 1/2" wide, full color ornament, $19.99

Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, made his big-screen writing/directing debut with this sci-fi epic, continuing the story begun in his fan-favorite TV series, Firefly. Fans of the cult-hit TV series and the major motion picture, now available on DVD, will love this Zippo® lighter, featuring the logo of the rogue ship, Serenity and an ornament featuring the ship itself.

Well that ornament has just gone on my shopping list. May not be as big as I'd like but I've wanted a model of Serenity for a long while.

Anyone know where I'll be able to find that in the UK?
Okay, that ornament is something I need to own. If anyone has tips on how to obtain it in the Netherlands (or online without massive shipping costs to europe), I'd be more than interested.
I am so all over new shiny things.
There's a reasonable chance that specialty stores like Forbidden Planet will get it - smaller shops can probably order it from Previews magazine.
I like Zippo lighters (despite fact I quit smoking 4 1/2 yrs ago). I wish that "ornament" was bigger, but I'll take that, too. Soooo, when will spring get here?!?!? (Oooh, that has multiple meanings for us snowbound types.)

ETA: I forgot to thank Telltale for the tip. Cheers!

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Stopped smoking cigarettes over 20 years ago, but have to say that Zippos were supreme...I could light my Winstons with a Zippo while cycling at 6 AM to the Paulaner Brewery to work regardless of the wind back in 1979 and 1980...I may have to get one of these just for sentimental reasons. Nice find.
Serenity Zippo! I've been searching for the perfect Zippo for about a year now and I think I've found it :-)
Those items are so joss-damn awesome!!
You know, thirty bucks for a Zippo and twenty for the other thing isn't actually "pricey" at all, IMHO.
Oh, I definitely want that ornament and I don't think that's pricey at all! Of course, I wish it was bigger (like life sized!!). Are they by any chance available to pre-order anywhere?
Despite the fact that I don't smoke I love a nice zippo, so I'm sure I'll add a Serenity zippo to my collection along with that amazing ornament.

For the record if Dark Horse is making it you might be able to get it from their website when it becomes available.
It's available for preorder from Things From Another World, I just added links.
You beat me to it Chris, I just went and checked to see if they had it and pre-ordered it!
I do like that zippo. It's more masculine than I like my lighters to be, but it's still shiny, IMO. I wouldn't mind sporting it!

And I don't think it's expensive at all.
They had protoypes of those at Flanvention. I need the ornament. I would get the Zippo if I smoked, but I have no need for it.
I would get the Zippo if I smoked, but I have no need for it.

Never mind need; I wants it!

For something as awesome as this Zippo, I might either start smoking, or else find other things to set on fire. ;-)
Hubby and I have been wanting to get a Zippo, cuz they're just so darned cool. Now we have a good reason!

Oh, and hubby just said we're getting the ship too. I'm cool with that...And add me to the chorus of 'not too pricey'.
I'm a smoker and a huge Serenity fan, it's like Dark Horse has read my mind.
Very nice. Guess I picked the wrong week to quit smoking cigarettes ;)

I'm with you billz, may have to become like a rebel pyromaniac or something (the fire brigade can be the Alliance).

(also with the not badly priced - £18 ish is about right for a Zippo).

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OK, OK, not so pricey, then. It's just that my wallet has started groaning audibly whenever new merchandise pops up. :-P

I'm slowly giving in, and I'll prbably preorder the ornament at my comic store.
Wow... probably won't have money to get the zippo, but they both look wonderful! I'm definitely going to have to pre-order the Serenity ornament, though - that's just something I won't be able to live without ;)
Cool stuff! Wish I could justify spending 30 bucks on a lighter (I don't smoke and have put pyromania far behind me), but the ornament might go on my next Wish List.
Hope they're still around come birthday time!
(What made them wait 'till after the holidays?)
Do "Things From Another World" ship to the UK, and is packaging good enough to guarantee the ornament would get here in one piece?
Gah! pre-ordered...I am so weak...I don't smoke or have things to set on fire, I just have to have every gorram thing :)
I am so getting those. Especially the ornament. How incredibly kick-ass is that?!
Oh goody, now I can set things on fire in true Browncoat fashion!

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