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January 15 2006

All Movie Guide Loves 'Serenity' 4 and 1/2 Stars-worth. Features a really well-written plot synopsis and highly complimentary review, with the option for readers to add their own ratings.

Fresh ammo for convincing those stubborn holdouts that 'Serenity' is worth their precious time.

"In the end, Joss Whedon triumphantly breaks new ground in the genre of science fiction, creating a universe that is neither utopian nor dystopian, characters who are both flawed and forgivable, and a sense of reality that, much like our own day-to-day perception, takes into account the sad fact that none of us are safe, but none of us will survive without hope that we will be."

This has become my favorite film info site; the keywords, themes, tones and moods features are especially cool and useful.

(I never saw this particular review linked here but if I somehow missed it, my apologies, and please make it go away.)

So well phrased and said! Don't quite get the half star, though, but guess you can never get everything.
A 4 and a half star rating on AllMovie, or its sister site, AllMusic, generally indicates a movie or album that's best-of-genre material. Five stars is for groundbreaking mega-classic stuff; 4.5 is standard for "this is really freakin' good, but we can't call it legendary yet."
Thanks Friarfunk. Still, half star? Oh well, I must be biased ;-)
...each of the characters -- all of whom are portrayed with elegance and obvious love...

My boyfriend never saw Firefly before seeing Serenity. I begged him--actually I cajoled, but hey---to go see Serenity and he, who has an extremely low tolerance for what passes these days as popular culture and entertainment, absolutely loved it.
When I introduced him to Firefly this past Christmas, we were watching the pilot and he said "Hey! So that's where the dinosaurs come from!"
(I almost wept.)
Anyway, he said that very thing about the movie. That there was a lot of love put into the making of Serenity.
Yeah, I'm keepin' him. :)
That was a wonderful review.

And I second friarfunk...getting 4 1/2 on All Movie Guide is insanely awesome. Like, awesome-er than that guy who got a drill through his skull and managed to live still. Seriously.

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